Comment on Michael Kors Spring Birthday Party Outfit Wishlist 2017 by Tanya.

There’s so many great bargain offers that I will definitely be getting myself on their site to treat myself. Michael Kors do such beautiful pieces, I can’t resist when they have a sale

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Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle
I’m not normally a candle lover but you had me at Prosecco, I am a big Prosecco fan so anything on the same wave length gets the thumbs up from me

Royal China Restaurant (Bayswater)
I love Chinese, this looks amazing! Looks like you really got your monies worth. I know you had a mix up with the starters but the ones you got look and sound so yummy, I would definitely be ordering those

Little Tikes Cook n Learn Kitchen
I love how he seems to be enjoying the box just as much as the toy itself! I love how advanced toys are getting and how interactive they are for kids, the fact this has active sounds and you can connect the tablet is just great

Lacura Suncare Extra Water Resistant Sun Lotion 50+
I am all about the Factor 50! People write Aldi off a lot but they do some great products

Wilted Spinach, Bacon & Egg Salad
I am so bad when it comes to salad as I don’t eat any vegetables and I’m not the biggest fruit fan either. Basically if it’s healthy I probably don’t like it. I do a “salad” though using streaky bacon and hard boiled eggs, alongside ciabatta bread drizzled in balsamic vinegar 🙂 I’ll definitely be showing my Mum this recipe though, she’ll love it