Comment on Michael Kors Spring Birthday Party Outfit Wishlist 2017 by Yaya.

Love Michael Kors. I can’t decide which one of those stunning dresses I like best. x

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Why Curtains Can Be The Best Option
I have blinds at home, but that’s due to it being a rental. I love curtains and the way they can truly transform a room. That, and their practicality is a win-win.

Monmouth Kitchen
This menu is so up my street! I love the sound of the batida tropicalada and the salmon tacos. yum!!!

Paw Patrol Game On!
My little ones love Paw Patrol! I think it’s a great programme and with initiatives like this it makes me like it even more !

Sutton and Sons Islington
Mouthwatering! It all looks so good, but when I read the specials menu in the photo I knew I wanted the lobster sub! Delish!

Getting Children Outdoors
It’s so great to get the kids outside, and since Elastoplast have these adorable plasters there’s no excuse to worry about an ouchie! x

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