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Long Maxi Dresses for Summer 2017

The weather has been a bit unstable recently which really doesn’t help in terms of my daily wardrobe.  I have to check the forecast each day to get an idea what to wear.  One day I am in a gorgeous summer dress and then you get a day when it’s cooler and doesn’t stop raining and I end up in a thick jumper!  It’s so frustrating but has also highlighted the fact I need to dispose of some of my old clothes and get some new ones in.

I love maxi dresses.  They look great and float fabulously as you walk, concealing various lumps and bumps they are also ideal for hiding pasty white legs (thank goodness) and in addition they also come in so many colours that we really are spoilt for choice.

There are so many maxi dresses to choose from each year it can be hard to decide what to buy.  I can spend hour upon hour browsing online to find the perfect dress(es) as I normally find far too many than I like than I actually need.  I wanted to concentrate on fabulous Floral Maxi’s in this post as I have been looking online recently and discovered a few that instantly caught my eye.  I am sure you will love them too and be pleased I have saved you the leg work.  Maxi’s don’t always reach right down to the ground but the long ones in the right fabric and with the right neckline and sleeves / straps can be simply stunning.

Take my first choice for instance this gorgeous New Look Lattice Front Floral Maxi Dress.  The detail and colours of the flowers and leaves stand out perfectly against the black back ground.  The lattice front with V neckline flatter the bust and the shoulders are covered with a slightly ruffled sleeve.  This can be finished nicely with either heels or flats.  The dress is £39.99 and is one of those pretty summery wardrobe staples we all need.

This Little Mistress Ink Print Maxi Dress is lovely.  The added bonus is that although on their site I found it for £95, over on the Look Again website 50% has been knocked off so you can get it for £47.50, a bargain for such a pretty dress.  The dress has black crochet trim straps and is perfect for a party although you can dress it down to create a trendy and sophisticated look for day wear.

Another stunner from Little Mistress The Pink Floral Lace Maxi Dress is beautiful and can be worn to any summer party or wedding.  Normally I can’t carry off pink as I am naturally quite pale but I would fish out my bottle of sunless tanning cream if I could get away with wearing this.  This dress is £92 and I can’t see any offers for this one which is a shame although it’s so pretty I could justify getting it.  The plunging neckline and style of this dress makes it one that will always make the wearer great look fabulous.  Of course you need to match it with accessories, a small clutch and some pretty flats, sandals or kitten heels should do the trick.

With a V plunge neckline and pretty waist tie to flatter the female form this is a great dress from AXParis for £42.00.  It is suitable for day and evening wear and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.  Think a touch of sparkle (you’re not looking to blind anyone) and you’re on the right lines.

The final dress I will be including is from a company called Shein which is one that I have only just discovered.  I spent ages looking through their site as they have a large number of pretty dresses and are really well priced too.  Take a look at this beauty.  The Black Flower Print Halter Neck Open Back Maxi Dress is perfect for the summer and is one of those you would take each year on a summer holiday provided you are going somewhere hot that is.  This dress costs a mere £21.04 and will be the envy of many with its fabulously flattering style and pretty floral print.  The other items on the site are also reasonably priced you will be pleased to hear.

Whilst I was looking through doing my research I found numerous other styles of dresses from various brands that I am sure you will also love so I hope to write some more dress posts for you all soon.  Let’s hope the weather can sort itself out in the meantime as I really missed the sun this afternoon.  Until then have fun maxi dress shopping.

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Some beautiful dresses, I love the little mistress ink print maxi dress, I prefer maxi dresses to cover my legs, then complain my legs don’t get tanned because I wear long dresses, I have to try them on in story though as I’m only 5ft 1 and some are to long on me, I’m the same with trousers too xxx

    1. I’m the same mine are soooo pale is scary lol.

  2. I love all these long floral dresses!

  3. I do love a lovely Maxi Dress…. That last one especially! I only ever seem to wear them on holiday though which I should change, if this weather ever improves!! 🙂

    1. This weather is awful isn’t it. I hope we get more sun soon.

  4. Hands up I love a good maxi dress, I think they are so comfortable for the summer, I could definitely treat myself to a new one or two.

    1. They are very comfy. They make the perfect summer wear.

  5. I love them all but I think the white one is my favourite, really very beautiful!

    1. It is a stunning dress!!! I’d love to have that one 😉

  6. I’ve not really worn a lot of maxi dresses as I find they make me look bigger but they do look very pretty x

  7. I love these dresses! A maxi is perfect for me in the summer months x

    1. They are great aren’t they.

  8. Love those gorgeous maxi dresses, perfect for summer days! 🙂

    1. They are just lovely aren’t they.

  9. These dresses are so pretty! I wish I could wear one but I can imagine you need some high heels to pair with and I can’t walk on heels. They looks however very elegant for the warm summer evenings, when you go out to a restaurant next to the beach.

    1. I often wear mine with flats 😉

  10. i absolutely love maxi dresses , theyre effortless and timeless and able to be work all year round

    1. They can depending on accessories they are lovely 😉

  11. What a lovely maxi dress. I love the prints. My favorite is the Black Flower Print Halter.

    1. That sure is a good one, you have great taste.

  12. These all look like perfect maxi dresses I am tempted to get the pink dress as it looks perfect for summer!

    1. Great choice, I bet it would look great on you.

  13. I really love maxi dresses for summer, they can be so casual but dressed up when needed! Some gorgeous style here 🙂

    1. They are perfect for Summer, I just wish the weather would stop messing us around.

  14. I’ve got a wedding coming up and have been on the lookout for a nice maxi dress, so this post has come at a great time! I love the second one down <3

    Louise x

    1. There are so many gorgeous maxi dresses I really love them. If the weather was warmer here I’d live in them.

  15. I adore maxi dresses as well, this selection is gorgeous and I would happily wear any 🙂 x

    1. I love them all I do struggle as I find so many nice ones but don’t have the wardrobe space.

  16. I always want to try Maxi Dresses, but I just feel that I’m too short! xx

    1. You can get different lengths. I’m sure there will be one that suits you x

  17. My friend has told me about Shein before so I really need to check out their stuff!

    1. They have some lovely clothes I’m so pleased I discovered them 😉

  18. I wish I could pull off maxi dresses, I really do – I think they look gorgeous, all long and floaty. But being only 5’1 it’s a bit difficult lol! x

    1. Not a problem, your next option is a midi dress that would work well for you x

  19. I love the versatility of maxi dresses you can look casual but still smart or use them for a night out on the town. Love them!

    1. I know, they are fab for that aren’t they 😉

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