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Let’s Go Bring Back Summer

I hate to say it but in the blink of an eye summer will be over.  In fact this last week has been more like winter.  I’m living in hope that September might be better but let’s face it it’s looking unlikely at the moment but you never know we could have an Indian summer.  I’m thinking positively so this week’s post is going to feature two pieces that remind me of summer with some clothes to match.  So in the immortal words of Olaf from Frozen (like you didn’t know) ‘let’s go bring back summer!’

The first item of jewellery is a ball chain, worn silver necklace with two birds.  The lobster clasp makes it easy to put on and take off and the length can be varied depending on the height of the neck of the dress / top that you wear it with.  Each bird has a sparkling crystal eye and the silver body seems to glisten in the light.  It’s perfect for casual wear and would look lovely with the right dress or top with jeans/ shorts.


I thought it appropriate to style the necklace with something blue in a selection of sizes to cater for all.  The clothing was all from the ASOS website and featured necklines that would work well with the length of the necklace.

 With this beach dress I’m probably pushing my luck a bit as I doubt it will be warm enough to wear one of these again this year.

dress 33The denim dress would be slightly warmer than the one above and worn with a cardigan would be a great little outfit.dress 34I love the colour of this dress and it’s cut is very flattering.dress 36The duck shell blue colour, cut and sleeves on this dress really make it stand out.  It’s stylish looks so great on that it can be worn out for numerous events.dress 35The higher cut neckline of the dresses work as a background for the necklace and the colours make it stand out and they go well with the silver.

This pretty pink semi-precious stone elasticated bracelet could be styled with each item except the duck egg blue as the sleeves would this gorgeous bracelet.

DSC01810This floral split front maxi dress would look beautiful with the pink bracelet.  It’s the perfect pairing to welcome back the summer.

dress 37Come back summer I’m ready for you.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. I agree, it feels very autumnal this week, mainly because of the rain!! Let’s hope it turns itself around and we get back sunnier days. I love the split maxi dress. Gorgeous!

    1. I’m going t place an order for warmer weather, hopefully it will be with us in 3-5 days lol. It’s a beautiful summer dress, we need summer back now!!!!

  2. Great pieces here. I wish summer could just come back already.

    1. I’m living in hope, got my fingers and toes crossed!

  3. I like your positivity, hopefully we will have an Indian summer! I love the dresses you’ve pucd particularly the blue dress with the bell sleeves. It’s stunning! Xx

    1. *picked* typos are the bane of my life!

      1. Tell me about it, I nearly typed shartly instead of shortly on twitter earlier, that would have been embarassing.

    2. I’m really hoping it works lol, although no luck today.

  4. Those bracelets are so pretty! I love the layered look and pale pink is too cute! xxx

    1. It’s great isn’t it plus you can always wear just the one if you want to aswell.

  5. I love that denim dress, it encompasses summer so perfectly!

    1. It does doesn’t it!!! I wish the weather was warmer so we could wear clothes like these.

  6. It has been an horrendous day weatherwise here in sunny Cornwall, I do feel sorry for all the holidaymakers. I love the pretty summery dress designs especially the blue and white sun dress.

    1. The weather is getting really bad now. I doubt we will get an Indian Summer.

  7. I still live in hope that Summer will return. Some lovely jewellery here.

    1. They have thousands of gorgeous pieces available on their site.

  8. This truly has been one cold summer! I don’t like lots of heat either, but it seem’s like spring and summer never happened. I love that duck blue dress also and the bracelets are so beautiful!

    1. I’m really dissapointed I really had hoped we would have a good one this year. Oh well the jewellery looks great whatever the weather.

  9. Beautiful choices here. Utterly in love with that last dress! Eeeekkk I can’t wait for the Summer it really helps me feel good & positive in life when it’s nice outside.

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