Comment on Gorgeous Day Dresses from Hobbs for Spring / Summer 2017 by Anosa.

I too love dresses and a couple years ago i started venturing into colorful dresses not just my lovely black dresses. Hobbs spring and summer collection has some beautiful designed and lovely dresses and the colours are on point

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The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)
What a nice experience. I am introduced to ciders just recently I hope I’ll have a chance to taste that all.

Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
You had me at kimchee, I love all korean foods and often I visit korea and spend all my time eating. I always gain kilos when I return. I will definitely have to check this restaurant out when I am next in kings cross

The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies
As soon as you said warm teddies I knew I had to grab one for myself. Whilst I wont claim to chat with my old teddies I think it can be very therapeutic but if its warm makes it even more fun to hug and talk to it lol

Pure Potions, Natural Products for Dry Skin and Skin Conditions
What makes product special is that they are naturally made. Good thing that companies are now into natural ingredients. Will check this out and try to see if it will work on my skin.

Large Easter Eggs for £2. Bargain!
Chocolates are always tempting. It’s my stress reliever. Promotions and bargains make me exceed my limit on buying it.