Comment on Fun Feminine Dresses (Above the Knee) by Yaya.

What a great list! I would be struggling to make a choice too, but I am loving the Navy Fit and Flare Midi dress. Stunning dresses.

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Essentialle Face Oils
I’m using facial oils quite a lot at the moment and I can’t get enough. These look so great being natural and all. x

Mobile Phone Upgrade Tips
I agree with the importance of knowing what your individual needs are. These tips are a really good guide to have when upgrading.

Helping Fussy Eaters Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet
Those smoothies look delicious! Thankfully 2/3 of our kids are good eaters and love to have their vitamins so that´s less stressful than if it were all 3 who were fussy eaters. x

Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser from Skin Chemists
I always thought that the snail products were strange until I tried them. They are still strange, but brilliant!

Learning Times Tables The Fun Way!
What a shame that the school isn’t up to par, but it’s brilliant that there are alternatives like this to get our kids to where they need to be or even give them an advantage. This looks like a great way to learn times tables! x

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