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Today I was looking through the Little Mistress Website for a dress.  What a nightmare!  As I looked through the site I realised that finding a dress from there was not going to be a mean feat.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there is a problem with the selection they have to offer, my problem was they have so many stunning dresses that as I scrolled further and further down the page I have to say I wanted a large proportion.  As I don’t live in a mansion with a room solely for clothes this posed a small dilemma, what do I choose?????  After scrolling through I thought I should write a wishlist for different types of dress and limit myself in the hope that it might help me whittle down the number I have left to select from.

So today I wanted to write a post about the fabulous day dresses that you will find over on the Little Mistress website.  The dresses are all above the knee so are ideally worn with some sort of heel to show off the legs, give them the appearance of extra length and make them look more toned.

These dresses are lovely floaty and very pretty.  The first for example the Little Mistress Red Mini Dress (£30) is a great style and bold colour perfect for summer.  It’s great for a sophisticated day look you can dress it down with some simple ballet shoes.  It can be worn in the evening too and dressed up with some heels and a sparkly bag.

White is not always easy to wear in summer especially for those that have young children, children’s food and messy fingers can tend to gravitate towards it.  The Girls on Film Denim Mini Dress (£18) looks great with its off the shoulder top which is fitted at the bust and waist and flares out nicely below.  If you can get away with wearing white then I’d say go for it, this dress looks lovely and even better against a tan (from a bottle).

I love the colour and style of the Little Mistress Terracotta Lace Panel Dress (£46).  It oozes femininity and is a fun dress to wear.  It might be a little more expensive than the other dresses featured but is well worth it as it can be worn as day wear, evening wear and even for parties.  Don’t forget ladies it’s all about the accessories used dressing up and dressing down is important and can ensure you look great all the time.

The Little Mistress Navy Fit and Flare Midi Dress (£40) is perfect for day wear whether you are going for the stylish casual or sophisticated look.  Another dress which flatters the female form and is comfy and a great bold summer colour.

Pinks are attracting my attention quite a bit this year although more for the combination of the colour and style rather than just one factor.  The Little Mistress Pink Lace Shift Dress (£28) is a great dress to conceal minor bumps.  Of course the legs are in full view so it’s an idea to try and get those looking as toned as possible to make the most of the dress.  The dress swings as you walk and gives a pretty feminine look.

So what do you think?

Did you like my selection of dresses.  I hope to cover a few more at a later date to make sure you subscribe so as not to miss the next post.

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53 thoughts on “Fun Feminine Dresses (Above the Knee)”

  1. I really like the first dress! I love red color and that particular style of dress with a belt that outlines the waistline. It also looks very comfortable to wear and the perfect length for me. A great addition for the summer wardrobe.

  2. I like number 4! I love the simple style, I love the color because it’s one of my faves, and it looks so comfortable!

  3. What some lovely dresses, I have to admit I don’t often go for a dress as it isn’t really *me* but these are definitely cute.

  4. I’m absolutely in love with number 3! and as you said, it is definitely looks worth being slightly more expensive than the others!

  5. Oh these are all so pretty! I love the navy dress and the denim, they are all dresses that I would wear on holiday in the summer!

  6. I adore number one and number four. Those are definitely dresses I’d wear (and feel girly and sexy in). Great selection lovely. x

  7. The red mini dress for £30 is amazing and my mummy could definitely see herself wearing this! Great round-up x

  8. I love this style of dress, I think my favourite is the red one on the left although it may clash with my red hair!

  9. I love knee length dresses as much prefer a casual fitting dress than an evening dress, some lovely picks x

  10. Love your selection, especially the Girls on Film Denim Mini Dress which looks perfect for summer adventures in the city.

  11. Those are all so cute! I’m past the age of being able to wear short little numbers like that any more, I think, but my daughter would love them!

  12. I LOVE the pink dress at the end, because I like the long sleeves for hiding untoned arms. But your pic link isn’t working, so I can’t click through to buy it 🙁 x

    1. I’m really sorry Becca, I don’ actually sell directly from my blog, you would need to pop over to their site hun. This is just a wishlist I wrote x

  13. I love your sense of style and these dresses are gorgeous. You’ve given me an idea for what to wear to a wedding next week

  14. What a great list! I would be struggling to make a choice too, but I am loving the Navy Fit and Flare Midi dress. Stunning dresses.

  15. I love Little Mistress. They have some stunning dresses. I actually need to check out what they’ve got on their site at the moment as I’m off to a wedding next month and haven’t sorted my outfit yet! Eek

    Louise x

    1. It is of course dependant of individual taste. I love all these dresses and there are even more great ones on the site.

  16. I really like the Terracota Lace Panel Dress. I always forget about Little Mistress when it comes to dress shopping, I’m off to the races next month so I’ll definitely check them out

  17. That red dress is just stunning and can be dressed up with all sorts of accessories. That colour would brighten up any damp summer day too!

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