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I’ve not featured many fashion related posts recently with all the other topics I have been covering so I thought that it was about time I rectified that.  Look out for Mr Squishy showing off his super cute dinosaur jumper that I thought would be perfect for the Autumn during a recent shopping trip.  But, for now here’s one for us ladies and yes you guessed it it’s about dresses!!!  For those new to my blog I have a slight obsession with them.

Now we all come in different shapes and sizes.  Dressing to accommodate this is easier than you may think.  But it isn’t just our body size and shape that needs to be taken into account.  Our skin tones also need to be considered which was something I was reminded by earlier this year when I went shopping in River Island for dresses.  I tried on the most fabulously feminine yellow dress and looked in the mirror.  Much to my dismay against my milk bottle white legs it didn’t look right reminding me of why I love to wear black, brown, green etc.

Now we don’t all have stylists at our beck and call but what we do have is this handy infographic that I’ve sourced from River Island to help us when choosing fabulous dresses to complement our shape, size and skin colour.



What do you think of the information in the infographic?  Do you think River Island got it right for the various, shapes, sizes and skin tones?  I think for me they are pretty spot on!


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With special thanks To River Island for kindly letting me use their infographic!

62 thoughts on “Find The Right Dress For Your Shape and Complexion”

  1. I’ve never actually considered any of this when looking for a dress. I just see a dress I like, try it on and if i like it I buy it

  2. I have never been one to really follow rules when it comes to what I wear. As long as it fits well and I like it, I go for it! 🙂

    1. I though this was a great infographic as the information was easy to understand and straight to the point. I will try to share more fashion posts.

  3. This infographic is full of useful and correct information. It’s absolutely correct for my warm skin tone. Never knew we could check the skin tone with the veins’ color. Great post!

  4. Very interesting tips, I never thought of these. This is a great article, I didn’t know your vein color would help determine your skin tone.

  5. My mummy has a cool skin tone with dark hair and loves wearing black, red and teal so this guide is spot on for her!

  6. They are spot on with the dress style for my body shape as well as the colors. Although I don’t often wear creams and browns any more they have always complimented my skin tone. Very surprisingly however, is that the most complimentary color appears to be a soft shade of ice blue velvet :D.

  7. This is a great infographic. My hair has gone silver, but my skin is still warm-toned, so finding clothes has been a challenge lately.

  8. This is such a good guide! And so detailed 🙂 I like that it goes in depth in terms of skin tone and hair colour as well x

  9. This is such a great infographic! I’ve always known there were some colors that I gravitated more towards but I never really thought about them against my skin tone. So this is really interesting. it also helps make it easier to shop when you know what you should be looking for for you skin tone and body shape. So this is awesome/

  10. Definitely a primer on dresses for all shapes, sizes and colors. I will have to show this to my daughter. I know she is interested in fashion and she will love this.

  11. I’m bookmarking your post. What a great post for explaining the right style of dresses to wear for one’s body shapes. I have warm olive skin tone with brown hair so I always look for the right colors and dress styles to complement my body type and skin color.

  12. This blog post is not just interesting but really helpful for women. They usually have their own struggles such as finding the right dress for their shapes. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Your infographics are really good 🙂

  13. Melanie, I’ll try a sweetheart wraparound, but I’ll leave the scoop-neck bodycon dresses for those who don’t mind looking conspicuous! 😀 Great post with truly useful infographics.

  14. According to this I just instinctively dress in the right clothes. I pretty much always wear black and love pencil dresses and skirts. Cool skin tone and hourglass figure 🙂

  15. These are great tips. I never thought of combining all this information to help choose the proper clothing. I think I fit the cool skin tone and rectangular body shape (unfortunately!)

  16. Oh wow this is so cool, you have no idea how much i love this post!
    I am always buying wrong colours of foundation! And I always go for skater dresses to try and flatter me, I used to go for peplum dresses but I struggle to find them now 🙁 This is excellent thank you so much.

  17. Great guide, very informative, i always struggle to find nice clothes as im very thin. I find when i put stuff on it still looks like its on a hanger

  18. That was an interesting read, I’m a big fan of dresses too and I think, according to that, that I’m wearing the right shape!

  19. Yes people most times forget that skin tone is to take in consideration. Body shape is already so hard , find the perfect dress for our shape is already a nightmare and then we have to think in colours, i always go for black, it’s elegant and never goes wrong 😉

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