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Fabulously Feminine Autumn Dresses


I am back at it again with a post about dresses but this time I wanted to talk about dresses that will be perfect to see you through into September and further depending on the weather which is almost as indecisive as me.  I do hope eventually to appear in some of my fashion posts but I haven’t quite gotten to that stage yet but be warned it’s in the pipeline.

Dresses are one of my favourite forms of clothing, I love them and as the weather is so changeable I need to make sure that I get enough items in to cover me as the weather has been a bit cooler as of late and so I have had no choice but to wear clothing that keeps me warm enough. Today I’m in leggings an oversized jumper – yes I feel the cold it’s a nightmare!  Thankfully tomorrow is due to be far warmer.

With keeping myself warm in mind for cooler days and for the coming months I feel the need for a wishlist that features trendy dresses that are great for casual day wear that I can wear whatever I am up to whether it’s going on the school run, shopping, going to press events and restaurant reviews etc.  The dresses featured in this wishlist are perfect for the cooler weather and would look great with some nude tights and a great pair of ankle boots.

Dress in a Compact Rib Knit £39.00 (1)

I love the style and colour of this dress.  It looks cosy and casual but brings with it an air of sophistication.  The dress is only slightly fitted so works well with a range of sizes.  The button detail on the shoulder, the contrasting colour trim and the dress length all look great and add to its appeal.  You won’t feel the cold wearing this under a coat on the way in to work or braving the school run.  This dress also comes in garnet red, black, navy and pink.  I am torn as to my favourite colour and may bite the bullet and buy both the light grey shown above and the black which also looks stunning.  It’s important to note this is hand wash only at 30 degrees but then who cares it looks so good it’s worth it.  Make sure you also check the washing requirements of the other dresses on my post.

Flowing Dress With Trendy Details £45.00 (2)

This has to be one of the cutest dresses I have seen lately that would be great for the Autumn weather.  Not only does it look fantastic on but it comes in either a lovely navy pictured here or a dark teal green.  If ever I needed a bigger wardrobe it’s now.  I might need to throw out my medical coat/ lab coat and anything else I can find to make room.  OMG this truly is a strong contender and makes whittling down the wishlist excruciatingly painful.  The dress in both colours makes a great outfit and the flowing trumpet sleeves make it looks very pretty along with the fact that this dress flows as you walk.  It is a little shorter with a lighter material than the previous dress but it works well with the style of this specific dress and is perfect for warmer Autumn days – which we do get thankfully.  The elasticised seam allows for added comfort and the wide neck and slit on the back of the dress adds to its feminine charm.

Melange Knit Dress + Flounce Sleeves £39.00 (3)

Available in both garnet red and taupe both of which work well with the style of the dress. The mixed material makes it feel warm and cosy.  The pretty slightly flared sleeves which are mirrored at the bottom of the dress makes this really appeal to me.  To make the most of this wardrobe staple I would pair it with a lovely pair of low to medium height heeled boots or flats and maybe a faux leather oversized shopper bag.  This is one of those dresses I could see myself living in or at least wearing often.  It’s kind of like a comfort food and will quickly become one of your favourites that I could easily snuggle up in on the sofa under a blanket eating carrot sticks (my attempt to be healthy) and watching TV.  Interestingly items I love tend to sell-out quit fast (not always good for indecisive old me) so ladies don’t delay grab yours today.

Jersey Stretch Dress With Jacquard Pattern £45.00  (1)

Bottle green is one of those colours that seems to suit a fair number of people in fact I can’t think of a skin type it wouldn’t suit.  It’s great as it adds a touch of green to the red and orange hues of Autumn.  The dress is also available in terracotta and black and of course I had to click away on the mouse moving from one dress to the next over and over and over to see if I could whittle them down.  The green dress really stood out to me from the three as the colour really is perfect and would suit me the best.  Another comfortable dress to wear – are we seeing a theme here!!!  The sleeves maybe shorter than those of the previous dresses but I think they are just right for the extremely fashionable style of the dress and you can always add a cute cardigan if need be.  This is also easy to dress up to morph easily from day wear to evening wear so if you are working all day or busy all day and have something to go to in the evening and don’t have time to change the right accessories can really make this into an evening outfit that will make you stand out and dazzle.  It’s easy to put on and take off as it has a concealed zip at the back.

Sundresses £45.00 (2)

Black is one of those colours we all have in our wardrobe.  It’s a firm favourite with many and some don’t venture far from that colour.  The sundress although labelled as black has a combination of black and white making it appear greyer or at least on the computer screen.  This figure hugging, stretchy and comfy dress is easy to slip on and off and also reasonably warm for the Autumn months.  The elbow length sleeves allow for that little more covering that we sometimes need at this time of year and can be styled nicely with a thick jumper in the winter months.  It’s also a flexible style that can be dressed up for an evening out with friends or a partner.  Another snugly dress perfect also for relaxing at home, I love it and it’s another one I could live in quite easily.

I really do hope you loved my dress selection and found the added link useful.  I will try to do that more for you all in future provided my memory allows.

What did you think of my selection?  Did you have a favourite from those chosen?

Have fun shopping!

I really do hope you loved my dress selection and found the added link useful.  I will try to do that more for you all in future provided my memory allows.

What did you think of my selection?  Did you have a favourite from those chosen?

Have fun shopping!

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. My favourite number 2 at the top and number 2 at the bottom. I think that they are gorgeous dresses and perfect for the upcoming autumn months ! x

    1. I have to agree they are great for Autumn.

  2. I need to get some more casual everyday dresses, these all look really nice x

    1. These ones are lovely aren’t they Rhian. I was impressed at the selection online.

  3. I love dresses to! But wearing dress other time than summer is hard I think because I cant find what pair shoes or jacket to go with. In summer I dont have the same problem as I normally wear flip flops to everything!😂 But those dresses does really look nice!

    1. I think I need to write a shoe post x

  4. I love dresses but they don’t look right on me. My hips are bigger and they never look right around that part of my body. I love your post and listed a lot of cute dresses.

    1. That’s a shame. I’m sure if you try a few different styles you ill find something you like.

  5. I love casual dresses, because they are so versatile! I have so many and I love every single one of them! Great suggestions!

    1. Me too causal is always good.

  6. I love the black sundress and the smart silhouette means that it can double up as business wear as well. The grey dress is gorgeous too x

    1. That’s very true the black sundress would make a great work dress too plus you could wear it out after work if meeting friends and look good.

  7. Great selection! Casual dresses are great aren’t they? You can dress them up or down in different ways.

    1. It is great as multi use items can help cut down the amount of outfits needed.

  8. I love all these dresses. I am also a big fan of casual dresses as it has color, style, and everything.

  9. This post is perfect for this period of mines, since I have decided to buy all new dresses to face fall better. Dress will be a must and your tips are a great point!

    1. So glad you found this useful Sabrina.

  10. Loved all you dress picks, my favorite is the #3 in the first picture. This post reminds me that I have to pick some dresses for myself, thanks for sharing these options! 🙂

    1. No problem. Thanks for reading and your comment x

  11. Lovely dresses! I’m not a big fan of dresses, simply because it’s hard to find anything in my size and they just don’t look as good on an overweight mom, but these are really pretty. I’m particularly enamoured with the blue jersey one.

    1. That’s a shame although there are so many styles I am sure there are some that would look great on you.

  12. My favourite two are the Flowing dress with trendy details for £45 and the Melange dress for £39. I love dresses in general and think they make great transeasonal options.

    1. They sure are. I think they can be worn any season depending in the dress and the temperature.

  13. Your selection choices of the outfit is perfect . I would love to show this to my wife .

    1. I am sure she will love them.

  14. I love all of these, I have one similar to the grey one but it’s black and grey, I love it! This does just make me wish we had autumn here and not just seriously hot until it’s suddenly cooler…

    1. I bet it looks great on you Kim.

  15. Those are some really cool dresses. I will have to show my daughter the stretch ones and see what she thinks. Just reminds me I really need to get her some new clothing.

    1. Perfect timing as these would be perfect.

  16. All the dresses are so pretty but my favorite is the jacquard style one.

    1. That is a great dress.

  17. Ohh Gosh I love them all! I’m a big fan of dresses! It’s like the most feminine piece of clothing! Especially those ones seem so classy to me… ahhh I want them all!

    1. Me too!!!! They all look great and I can’t decide what to get. Don’t want to over do it.

  18. I love all of your choices but I have to say no3 in the first picture is my favourite! Perfect with some opaque rights or knee high boots! Xx

    1. Glad you liked them Tanya.

  19. I adore that bottle green dress! I love a good autumn dress or two – this season is my fave

    1. It is a nice season although personally I prefer the warmer months.

  20. I’ve been looking for some casual dresses for a while now – I love the one with the bell sleeves! x

    1. These would be perfect and look great!

  21. Aaaaand now I want to go and spend money that I don’t have on pretty autumn things!

    1. Lol, opsy. Glad you enjoyed the choices x

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