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A Fashionistas Christmas Party Dress Wishlist 2015

Very soon the Christmas party season will be upon us bringing with it panics about what to wear.  I am so unprepared this year, I haven’t started my gift shopping or decided on any party outfits or even what I will wear on Christmas day.  Yesterday I went to a local shopping centre and came back empty handed OMG, no!!!!!!  So that night once I had put all the kids to bed I turned on my computer to begin a search for something suitable.  By now regular readers will know I like the sleek, feminine, sophisticated look.  I am always drawn to clothes that flatter the female form without revealing excessive amounts anywhere.  Oh and by the way I love dresses (seriously, like I you didn’t already know if you’ve see my other fashion posts)!

I went straight to the Esprit website as they always have great quality clothing and low and behold they had just what I was looking for.  I felt like a child in a candy shop it was fabulous!!!!!  From gorgeous knitted dresses and jumpers, shoes and handbags to die for and so much more I must admit I was on the site for hours drooling at the fabulous clothing etc.  My only problem I can’t buy everything unless I get a bigger wardrobe which in turn would require a bigger room and ultimately a bigger house.  As that really isn’t on the books I am writing a wish list for my reference and thought you would like to see it too!

I had to narrow this down to just party dresses and of course some accessories (a vital part of any outfit) otherwise I would probably be posting a few hundred items and crash my blog, opsy, we don’t want that now!

 Sophisticated, chic and conservative(ish), the sort of dresses everyone’s fashion icon Kate Middleton might wear, the cuts, colours length and fabric make them every fashionistas must have items for the festive season.

 Need to hide a multitude of sins, this loose dress works wonders and will help you do just thanks to it’s cut and colour.

Esprit 1

This dress is very flattering and is available in two lovely colours that are perfect for party wear all year round.

Esprit 2Simple yet pretty all by itself this is a great party piece that you can dress up or down depending on they type of party you are attending.

Esprit 3

The bold colour and feminine style of this dress makes it a head turner.  Just add a great pair of heels, some sparkle and a pretty bag and you will easily be the belle of the ball.

Esprit 4

Lace dresses can look great provided you have the right style for your body shape.  This trio of gorgeous lace dresses are all winners in my books all demonstrating a sleek, sophisticated style that will never go out of fashion.

Esprit 7Esprit 6Esprit 5  For the event that needs a longer style dress this chiffon maxi dress will be perfect just make sure you add plenty of sparkle.

Esprit 8

Shoes can make or break an outfit so make sure you pick the right ones!!!!  I was instantly won over by these glittery court shoes.

Esprit 9And these faux suede court shoes, how cute are they and they would also look fabulous with jeans!!!!  The faux suede shoes are also available in the perfect blue shade that would complement the blue lace dress above.

Esprit 10Want a little more heel?  These faux suede sandals will give you extra height and make your legs look great in the process.

Esprit 11

Once you have decided on your perfect outfit the next decision is the perfect bag and as this is a party outfit that we are selecting the ideal bag style would be a clutch bag.  Esprit have just the thing.  It’s large enough for essentials and looks good too!

Esprit 12Isn’t it lovely?

Another piece of wrist candy a girl simply must have is a bracelet with just the right amount of sparkle.

Esprit 13 Esprit 14Don’t forget a necklace!

Esprit 15 Esprit 16Now you can see what I mean.  There is so much to choose from and that’s just the party dresses.  Anyone want to buy me a bigger house?  With everything you could possibly need for the perfect Christmas outfit Esprit make life easy so make sure you take a look at their site to find out about these and more amazing dresses.

Most of the featured dresses were available in black which is great as that is normally my colour go to as it really is slimming and lets face it it’s always fashionable.  I love black dresses as they also let jewellery stand out that bit more and work well with any colour of jewellery.

I thought that you might be interested to hear that Esprit is running a Christmas competition where they have various prizes on offer with a main prize of a dream holiday to Thailand.  Want to try your luck??

Enter ‘here‘.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Stylish outfit ideas here. I loving the red dress a lot.

    1. Thanks Stella, I have very specific taste and these all caught my eye.

  2. What some absolutely gorgeous ideas, I am really loving red at the moment so those dresses are a hit with me. x

    1. Aaaahhhh thanks Sarah, red is a great colour for Christmas.

  3. I always love a red dress on other women, on me I tend to look like a corpse, so I avoid wearing red now. It’s a shame because I love the shape of your choices. The teal/petrol green though I think I would love.

    1. A touch of self tan will work wonders, why not give that a try and see how you go.

  4. Those dresses are amazing. I adore the green one though. very festive and a great cut x

  5. You my dear are a genius!!
    Ive been struggling so much with choosing something for Christmas!!
    That red dress is getting purchased – Thank you!!!!!!
    Charlotte x

  6. I do love the dresses xx

  7. the teal/turquoise one has made me think I should go and have a look on their website……

  8. Some great ideas for Christmas dresses and accessories – my daughter would love this

    1. Thanks Neil, I love the fact that these dresses are quite sophisticated in style so will never go out of fashion.

  9. A really nice selection of clothes and jewellery..great read. x

    1. Thanks Jo, I am glad you liked the selection.

  10. That blue dress is gorgeous

    1. It is lovely and would look great for most evenings out.

  11. Some lovely frock on show here but I have to have stilettos to get me in the party mood.

    1. These dresses are great! I can’t cope with heels that high 😉

  12. Did you get your perfect party dress?

    I can imagine your girls will have come first LOL

    There are some gorgeous childrens dresses too I’ve been treating my grand daughters 3 & 5 years to ‘dressing up dresses’ from ebay some
    fab finds for a few £££

    1. I decided to work on getting my perfect body first lol 😉 Yes of course the children always come first.

  13. Fab for party wear and celebrations. The first of the red dresses is my fave.

    1. They are lovely, it isn’t always easy to find nice dresses but then again I am fussy.

  14. Those suede higher heels… drool!

    1. lol, I know, how fab are those!!!!!!

  15. Love the blue sleeveless lace dress

    1. It’s a great dress for all sorts of events.

  16. I especially like the long sleeved black lace dress. I’m always self-conscious about my upper arms, so a dress like this would fit the bill.

  17. lovely outfits

  18. Some really stylish ideas here, thank you for sharing them. x

    1. No problem, I am glad you like my choices.

  19. These dresses are stylish and chic

    1. Thanks Sheri, love them all!

  20. The 3rd and 4th dresses are the ones which stand out the most to me x

    1. They are pretty and great for going out.

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