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Top 5 Low Cost Ideas to Have Fun This January

January is not the most fun month of the year.  The weather is gloomy and it can be very cold.  The bank balance is looking rather depleted after Christmas and the January sales really haven’t done much to help this.  But think of it another way, you are going out far less so saving that money you hadn’t been paid yet and may have otherwise spent.  This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on fun activities that maybe you didn’t have the chance to before.

Here are my top 5 low budget ideas to have fun this January without having a drastic effect on your bank balance.

Go out for Dinner using Restaurant Vouchers

We all love going out for dinner, I know I do but it can be a costly pastime.  Going through websites that provide discount vouchers such as Buyagift or My Voucher Codes can give a reasonable saving plus you may discover some wonderful new restaurants that you might not have otherwise.  For example Buyagift has a 2 for 1 on a 3 course meal at The Hilton on Park Lane costing only £49.  Naturally I couldn’t resist and had to look at the menu – it’s what I do lol I AM food obsessed!  The menu is varied and I must say looks good enough to entice me out on a freezing cold winters day / night.


The rest of my suggestions will be based from home making them equally as fun but also a little lighter on the pocket.

Dinner with Friends

This can be pretty pricey if one person foots the bill and that is not what we are looking for.  Each guest will bring a dish (prearranged so you don’t all bring a main and miss out on dessert as that would be a disaster).  Don’t forget to ask them all to bring a bottle of something alcoholic or not.  Avoid pot luck as I’ve been invited to these before and once you have tried the 3rd persons offering of a potato salad you can get pretty fed up and it’s not so much fun.  Everyone tends to have a speciality dish which they can whip up fast or at least easily and tastes great.  Another option that leads on from this is a theme night.  These can be petty fun (don’t forget you also have the option of fancy dress too here for those so inclined) and you can try some delicious dishes without is costing a fortune.  For those that lack confidence in the kitchen you have two options either buy a dish or simply arrange a few evenings with friends where they can teach you how to make various dishes as in my last suggestion.  Not only is it great fun it also increases your cooking range and makes meals far more exciting as you can improvise with ingredient the next time you make the dish to create other dishes.


My Courgetti, Tomato, Chorizo and Olive recipe is easy to make, low calorie and very tasty.

Movie Night at Home

Movie night can be great fun and pretty inexpensive too.  I love to snuggle with my daughters and little boy on the sofa and watch cartoons or animated movies whilst nibbling on homemade popcorn and a share bag of chocolate.  Alternatively, once the kids are in bed it’s always nice to snuggle up to my husband and watch a movie.  If we are feeling social then I tend to grab the phone and invite a few friends over.  We love to sit around the tv watching movies and munching on snacks and drinking wine or hot chocolate or one of my homemade cocktails (I have enough alcohol to stock a bar it’s great! – surprisingly I don’t drink very often).  Again the expense is minimal if all contribute and this can often be a fun night in catching up and enjoying a great film.  I am hoping to have some friends over soon for one of these nights in – for my friends reading this, whatssap message coming to your phone soon!  PS. I have a new dessert you simply must try!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS.  Can you let me know which of these you want to watch???


For any of my readers that might like to watch any of the above movies they are very well priced on Amazon.  I found The Hobbit for £4.49 on there, bargain!

Games Night at Home

This has got to be one of my favourite things to do along with watching movies with anyone that will watch them with me and dining in or out with friends and family.  Whether I am playing board games with the children or with our fabulous Marble Run (I love this it’s fabulous!!!!!) which is perfect for children and those like me that are very young at heart.

You have to see this in action it’s so much fun!


Want an adults night games night instead.  Not a problem again you can grab your board games and interactive games and have a great time.  My friends have various versions of Scene It and one recently bought a Disney one.  I can’t wait for her to bring it so we all have a play I think my chances are pretty good if the questions are about the movies and nothing too complicated!  That is definitely something that will make a fun evening in.  There are other versions of Scene It including a Harry Potter one, Friends, Music, Movies and others.

Baking / Cooking with Friends

As I mentioned we all have dishes we are fabulous at making and that our friends would love to learn to make too.  An evening in teaching each other how to make them would be something that I would really enjoy and would be beneficial to all.  I have been promising one of my friends that I would help her learn to make my pavlovas.  I will agree they are brilliant and that’s not me tooting my own horn – you simply must try one to fully appreciate how good they are.  These are a favourite amongst my family and I am always asked to bring one to family get-togethers.  Why not take a look at my Black Forest Fruits Eaton Mess, or my Eaton Mess with Pimms recipes to get a simple and delicious pavlova recipe.  Eaton Mess basically includes a broken up pavlova with some kind of fruit and cream added and is a lovely recipe.

    It is of course easier to see them being made than to follow instructions which are not always clear.  Having taught people / trained staff in the past I learnt that that the best way to learn is to do it yourself so having friends over or going to them and talking them through a recipe can be the best way to teach them how to make it plus it’s fun.  The best part is that they might let you try it after too, yum!!!!!!
What do you think of my low budget ways to enjoy January 2017?
Do you have any suggestions that you might add?

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  1. I think a games night is a great way to spend a night in x

  2. January is just a horrid month for me and I would be happy to just skip it altogether, but these are some good ideas to have some low-cost fun at home. I always enjoy a good movie night just snuggled up with some snacks and a game night with friends is always fun as well x

    1. It is a bit gloomy and cold but that’s why it’s nice to have fun at home.

  3. Movie nights are the best and as you said they are cheap! I really like the dinner idea though!

  4. I have a baby so none of these are suitable really but great ideas for pre baby. We used to love going out to eat and found a lot of money was saved by using a taste card

    1. It is doable. I have 3 little ones. Taste cards are great 😉

  5. Movie nights are the best! Good as not into many films that are at cinema x

    1. I love to watch a range and rewatch old movies to so that helps. There aren’t many good ones at the moment unless you like the animated ones.

  6. I’ve been having loads of movie nights lately – there’s so many great films on at the moment! x

    1. I need to have more, I love them!

  7. I’ve been doing loads of cooking at home and movie nights because they’re so much more flexible than going out x

    1. They sure are and save you loads too!

  8. Thanks for sharing these are great ideas especially the movie night.

    1. Those can be great fun!

  9. January is quite a tough month but staying in and watching a good film with some good company and of course good food is a great way to spend a January night. x

  10. Great ideas,we have lots of birthdays to celebrate in January

    1. That is sure to keep you busy.

  11. Some great ideas here, Ive had a few movie nights at home this month with some snacks

  12. Some fabulous ideas here! We love having a board games night and spend hours doing it. I like the Idea of movie night too x

    1. They are great fun aren’t they.

  13. Great ideas! My favourite is a movie night In january. Stock up on the sweets!

    1. My kids love movie nights especially when sweets are involved.

  14. You can’t beat a good movie night at home can you? I love it!

    1. Me too and it’s a great way to relax a bit too.

  15. Great ideas, I’m trying to save money this month so I’ve had a couple of movie night’s in and played monoply two weekends in a row! xo

  16. Awesome ideas, I definitely love doing movie nights and dinner at home. I need to check out a couple places in oxford for a date night so will see

  17. We’re proper brassic this month, but the baking sounds a good idea as we’ve got my party to cater for next week!

  18. i have a movie night ,every night of the week because tv is so awful

    1. Lol, it sure is most of the time.

  19. Your cooking is incredible

  20. I love the look of the lobster and king prawn pasta, and it looks quite easy to make

    1. It is nice and easy to make and tastes yummy!!!!

  21. great ideas but I think the lobster and prawn pasta have won me for today as I am just about to make it!

    1. It’s yummy isn’t it, a great meal that is also a little bit indulgent and makes a nice treat.

  22. Some great ideas! I must admit I feel at my lowest during January so need to plan a few things to keep my spirits up!

    1. I hope this post has given you some ideas.

  23. Perfect ways to have fun and save lots of money too
    Christmas is akways so expensive so these will help lots

    1. This way you can still enjoy yourself but without to much expense.

  24. Movie night is the way to go for me. I love watching films. Get all snuggly on the sofa with lots of snacks & maybe even a glass of wine 🙂

    1. It is a great way of having a lovely nigh in.

  25. Games night sounds fun, if we can keep the younger family members away from their screens for long enough…. 😉

    1. Lol. Good luck with that 😉

  26. Some fab ideas, thanks for sharing, we love these cold dark evenings for movie and games nights and then when the lovely weather comes and the lighter evenings we like to enjoy the outdoors, even of it just playing in the garden.

  27. some great ideas, might have to try some out.

  28. January has to be the worst month of the year. My whole family have been miserable and moody. Having some new ideas for things to do is a great help.

    1. We did the meal and games night last night it was great fun!

  29. I’ve bookmarked this to come back to – thanks. x

    1. Glad you liked teeh post Jo x

  30. I have always said that baking together as a family is great fun and free – it also teaches kids to make things from scratch and i am sure they enjoy it more – its a great talking point whilst they are eating what they have made

    1. It is great to bake with the kids, mine love it.

  31. Must admit we did go to Malta for 3 weeks during January this year. It wasn’t what you would call hot & sunny but at least it was slightly warmer than the UK with an average daily temperature of 15 degrees with overnight temperature of around 5 degrees.

    1. It can be lovely just to get away and have a change of scenery.

  32. I find cooking so relaxing,dont mind eating it either

    1. Lol, same here John.

  33. like these ideas sounds like beautiful meals and i like cooking

    1. Thanks, me too I find it great fun.

  34. Movie night at home and dinner with friends – you can do this all in one night, great idea

  35. Luckily for me kids like to stay at Nanny’s house most weekend but when at home it’s one night we all get to sit together and watch a good film and have great food. Now last night I made chinese food everyone loved it.

  36. I always try and use voucher codes when I go out..otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to!

  37. it shows you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun! smiles + laughs are forever free!

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