Comment on New Cast Members At The Wedding Reception Interactive Theatre Show by Linda Hobbis.

This looks a lot of fun. I went to a murder mystery one a few years back which worked well and the local one I want to see if the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience which works the same way I believe. Hope this comes to Cardiff.

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What Everyone Should Be Saving For!
Really all of these need to be saved for. We do try to put a bit away each month but it’s hard juggling saving with running a home – and kids!

Quaglino’s Restaurant St James
What a great place. I love Art Deco and Hendricks is my favourite gin so I was sold before you even got to the food!

Miraculous Unboxing
These are new to us but they look good fun. I quite fancy being a crime fighting superhero ladybug!

Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
You’ve very brave for watching it in the first place. I couldn’t. I still rememer seeing Salem’s Lot (think that might be Stephen King) when I was young and it gives me the creeps even now. I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror films.

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