Comment on Halfords Black Friday Competition 2017 by Anosa.

I can not believe we are already talking about Black Friday deals, I will definitely be checking this Halfords competition for sure.

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Tian Fu (Sichuanese restaurant)
Oh wow, what a lovely Chinese restaurant, I am a sucker for good dim sum and always looking to try other restaurants. Thanks for the recommendation, definitely adding to my list

Cafe Rouge Christmas 2016
Loving the look of the Christmas menu and those drinks are calling my name. I have not been to Cafe Rouge for a couple of months , I should definitely pay a visit soon

Greek Yoghurt with Banana, Manuka Honey and Sunflower Seeds
Oh I am loving this, I always have my banana and greek yoghurt almost all the time but never added this.

Courgetti with Tomato, Chorizo and Olives
Oh wow this looks absolutely delicious, I have a spiralizer too and when I remember I make courgetti sphagetti too. Thanks for the recipe

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience
Oh my goodness, I am a huge Faulty towers fan. I used to watch it religiously and enjoyed everyminute of that hotel calamity lol. This experience sounds awesome, definitely something I would like to experience.

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