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Christmas Hamper Giveaway 2017 (£150)

You guessed it from the title I’m sure but I’ve gotten together with some other bloggers to hold a giveaway for all our readers.  We’ve all chipped in our own money and have a lovely prize available for one lucky reader.  This time the prize is a fabulous £150 John Lewis Hamper!!!

The hamper contains all sorts of delicious goodies and you can either keep it and indulge or spoil someone special this Christmas.  Let’s meet the other bloggers involved in the giveaway:

Boxes and Swatches |Precious Little Worlds |Just Average Jen | Mum Dad Plus 4 | Lindy Loves | reallymissingsleep.com| Hubby Helps | My Three and Me | The Reluctant Traveller

Us Two Friends |Melanie’s Fab Finds |Clarke Life | Helerina Blogs | Welsh Mum | The Rare Welsh Bit | Petit Moi Big World | Kumbear XO | Melissa Jane Lee

We Made This Life |Oh Mummy Mia |Bump and Beyond | Helerina Blogs | emmadrew.info | Life in a Break Down | UK Bloggers

We’d love it if you you visit them all and take a look around their great blogs.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.

Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and competitions.

Terms and conditions apply. UK entrants only. The giveaway ends on the 7th of December.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This prize is being administrated by Sarah of UK Bloggers / Life in a Break Down for any issues please contact her at sarah@uk-bloggers.co.uk. For full terms and conditions please view the Rafflecopter widget.

Good luck everyone!

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This Post Has 124 Comments

  1. The whole family coming together and spending time with one another 🙂 and of course the twinkly lights too!

  2. I LOVE having no time pressures, no work, no deadlines just precious free time to spend at will with all our lovely family and friends.

  3. Sounds Super Cheesy but Family Time !! I love having us all together and seeing the joy on peoples faces as they unwrap their pressies xx

  4. I love spending time with family and the fact that everyone seems happier and just more jolly at Christmas time and more giving towards charities. Lovely prize

  5. Seeing my daughter dance in the hippodrome Christmas spectacular and he Christmas lights in the village

  6. The present opening frenzy

  7. I love the smell of cooking, loud chatter and family time!

  8. For me Xmas is about the family, not gifts or anything, but about being near family. The moment when schedules are changed just to sit with the ones you love.

  9. I love the quiet anticipation of Christmas Eve, followed by the excitement (especially by my 5 year old daughter) of Christmas morning.

    1. It is fun to watch the little ones get so excited.

  10. having the family together for christmas dinner then family games night 🙂

    1. sounds like fun.

  11. Wow. Amazing giveaway. I’d love to win to treat my parents

  12. This looks amazing!

  13. I love watching my son open all of his new presents. That and obviously the lunch – love turkey!

  14. Pigs in Blankets are what I love most about Christmas. It’s great to have them accompanied by turkey, stuffing, roasties etc. but they’re just as good on their own.

  15. Spending time with friends and family!

  16. I love all the decorations the best in people’s houses and in the streets

  17. The best thing about Christmas is giving, not fussed if I get anything.

  18. Spending time with family and friends, eating lovely food and relaxing.

  19. The thing I love most about Christmas is having time off work to spend with family and friends and just to relax in general.

    1. Same here, it’s lovely 😉

  20. Watching my daughter’s mounting excitement on the run up to Xmas Eve.

  21. I love the colours and lights, they really make me feel all warm and happy.

  22. It’s my fiance’s birthday on Christmas day, so i love spoiling him silly!

  23. Love the run up to Christmas, lights , songs and decorations

  24. i like everyone being happy having fun

  25. I love getting all glammed up for christmas parties, everyones in great spirits.

  26. Time out from the day to day grind and spending time with wifey and kids. All of that mixed in with great food, drinks and roaring fires.

  27. Beach walks after xmas lunch

  28. I love seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning!

  29. Getting the whole family together!

  30. I love sharing traditions with my children and seeing the magic of Christmas through their eyes

  31. I love Christmas Eve when everything has been wrapped and all the prep has been completed for the meal on the next day. I can relax and just enjoy my time with the family.

  32. Spending quality time with my family

  33. My son’s excitement is the best thing about Christmas for me. His birthday is also Christmas day, so he gets particularly excitable!

  34. Giving presents and spending time with family

  35. This prize looks amazing!! I love Christmas because of the good food and good vibes!! Xxxxx

  36. I love the excitement as it builds towards christmas, shopping at christmas markets and visiting santa are my favourite highlights

  37. I love the day you put decorations up and get into the christmas spirit 😀

  38. Mainly all the food! But now I have children, it’s all about them and the excitement of it all

    1. It is a fun time 😉

  39. I love my children having a great christmas day and going on fun christmas days out with the family like to the snowdome and santa visit

  40. spending some quality time with all my family

  41. I love being around the children in the family at Christmas as its just so magical, and this year will be especially so as its my little girl’s first Christmas! x

  42. I love the cosiness, especiallly with all the fairy lights!

  43. My son wants “bacon” for his Christmas Dinner this year doesn’t want to bother with “all that other stuff”

  44. Time together with the family and the joy on my grandchildren’s faces when they open their gifts, I just love sitting and watching them play

  45. Being around all the family.

  46. I love the Crib Service on Christmas Eve best

  47. Spending time with family

  48. Family days!

  49. Brilliant prize, thanks for the chance.

  50. Christmas is quieter now, now that the children have grown, left home and have jobs and families beyond just ours to think about – but that’s what I’ll be thinking of – family, and how precious they all are to me.

  51. I love the magic you get when you have small children in the family at Christmas, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

  52. family, food, board games and puddings! a drop of champagne also.

  53. I love all the lovely, special food at Christmas

  54. Spending quality time with my amazing family.

  55. Love to spend quality time with my family

  56. I love seeing my kids excited faces when they go down the stairs on Christmas day searching for santa’s gifts.

  57. I love being with family at Christmas

  58. the best thing about Christmas is having a lovely get together with all my family

  59. spending time with my lovely family x

  60. getting to spend the day with my best friend as I have no family

  61. Being with the family, everything sparkly, great food.

  62. I love to see smiing faces when they unwrap presents, also enjoyment of delicious Christmas dinner

  63. going on holiday overseas because it’s such ‘good value’ for annual leave

  64. The best thing is having time off with the kids

  65. Spending time with my family. We don’t get to see each other often.

  66. Being with my family.

  67. Can I say Everything? Christmas Tree’s gifts, Family,food 😀

  68. I love all the lights everywhere brightening the dark nights up!

  69. Family, Food, Drink, Presents, no work!

  70. Fabulous prize. Fingers crossed.

  71. I love playing silly games with all the generations of family after dinner

  72. Fun and games with the family and festive food

  73. It is my wedding anniversary on Christmas Day, so for me it will always be a special time of the year x

  74. the best bit is when it’s all over

  75. Spending time with the family

  76. A day of no kids arguing (BLISS!)

  77. I love the food! And all gathering together 🙂

  78. I love how excited the kids get and how it’s so magical for them. I also love that I actually get to have a nice meal cooked for me for a change. That’s a treat

  79. I love the smell of cooking, loud chatter and family time 🙂

  80. Spending quality time with family

  81. Having all the family together once a year.

  82. I like seeing the children’s growing excitement in anticipation of Christmas, and ability to spend time with them and my family more than anything else.

    1. I agree it is lovely 😉

  83. Family get together food& games playing with kids

    1. Sounds like fun, enjoy 😉

  84. Family time and seeing the excited faces of my children!

  85. I love the build up with traditional carols and mulled wine

  86. I love all the family getting together as we don’t get together as mush as we used to

  87. Time off work

  88. Spending time with my family & some time off work doesn’t hurt

  89. I love all the preparation and excitement building toward the Christmas Day but most of all I love the quiet anticipation on Christmas Eve

  90. I love spending time with loved ones and having a few days off work.

  91. definately family time, laughing and playing games

  92. Seeing my son’s face when he sees that Santa’s been.

  93. spending time with the grandchildren who find it all so magical

  94. spending time with friends and family

  95. My favourite is Christmas Eve – leaving mince pies out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and readin The Night Before Christmas to the kids. Magical!

  96. The warmness in the atmosphere despite it becoming winter

  97. I love the childrens exitement throughout Dec and relaxing with the family xmas day x

  98. The time off work!!

  99. I actually hate xmas but I like the feasting!

  100. The school nativity (I’m a primary school teacher )

  101. Spending time with family!

  102. All the family getting together and having fun

  103. Hsaving the whole family together & spending quality time together.


  105. I love the family getting together

  106. I love Christmas dinner and spending time with family

  107. I love seeing my excited grandchildren at Christmas from A one year old to a seventeen year old it’s still the same

  108. The anticipation always thrilling

  109. Family time wins hands down

  110. I like the build up! Listening to christmas songs and eating my weight in cheese

  111. It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing…..the family being together, giving presents, good food and drink.
    Also baking mince pies, shortbread, cheese straws, sausage rolls and Christmas cakes for all to enjoy.

  112. left over turkey cooked in Indian herbs and spicies

  113. All the family together and excitement of the children on Christmas morning.

  114. seeing the kids faces light up, and the food. yum

  115. Family time fun always

  116. All sitting around the dining table just chatting laughing and eating – all of us together I can’t wait.

  117. wrapping & giving gifts to others – especially my little ones!

  118. Spending time with family you don’t get to see very often & watching my grandchildren open their gifts……even better with a covering of snow to make it more special 🙂

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