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Valentine’s Giveaway with Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is one of the UK’s leading chocolate brands for all the right reasons.  Firstly of course their chocolates are gorgeous but they are also quite inventive in their delicious offerings and keep coming up with new and delicious chocolates to delight us all.  I am a hard core chocoholic and having tried so many different types now I will admit that I have become a bit of a chocolate snob.  Unfortunately a quick visit to the supermarket tends not to be adequate to full fill my sweet desires.  One of my favourite chocolates to indulge in is the Champagne Truffles from Hotel Chocolate.  The flavour is spot on and they are dreamily smooth and creamy and are always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.  Now as Valentine’s Day is coming up I popped over to view the various chocolates available from Hotel Chocolate that would be great as gifts and thought that my readers might like to see too!

Love Birds


Aptly named these beautifully crafted bird shaped chocolates come accompanied by hearts in two flavours caramel milk or strawberry white chocolate.

The H-Box Valentine Selection

the hbox valentine selection

Some of my readers will recall that I fell in love with th H-Box that was in the Christmas hamper that I wrote about.  The flavours mentioned for this box are equally exciting and I found that my mouth was watering as I read through.

Valentines Goody Bag

 valentines goody bag

A lovely selection of different types of chocolates including a chocolate lolly, passion fruit truffles, chocolate hearts and a slab of chocolate.

Love and Hugs

love and hugs

Created specifically for Valentine’s Day this beautiful selection of chocolates looks lovely and contains 19 gorgeous chocolates.

The Love Selection

the love selection

This has just about anything you need to say you love someone.  Not only will you discover some divine chocolate within the much coveted H-Box Valentines Selection there is also a mini bottle of sparkling Pink Prosseco, salted caramel and chocolate spread, pink Champagne Truffles and a chocolate slab.

Classic Champagne Truffles Grand

champagne truffles

These are some of the best Champagne chocolates I have tried, perfectly balanced!

Hotel Chocolat have kindly offered me a box of these fabulous chocolates as a prize for one of my readers so make sure you enter!!!! Would you keep them or give them to your Valentine?


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  1. I would share with lisa and the 2 andrews ♥

  2. i would really love to win this comp so yummy too

  3. I would love a valentines goody bag.my favourite chocolate yum x

  4. Open Your Heart To Me box of chocs would be lovely to receive

  5. I love the truffles 🙂

  6. I would love the Valentine’s Goody bag for a lovely selection.

  7. would love to win yum yum xx

  8. The Love Selection

  9. Petit Cheesecakes look delicious and a little different from the usual

  10. Love the sound of the Love Birds in White chocolate and Strawberry.

  11. champagne truffles delicious

  12. I’d love the “Straight From The Heart” choccies! xx

  13. Straight from the heart chocolates, they look delicious 🙂

  14. The Love Selection looks perfect for my husband.

  15. i would love the straight from the heart selection

  16. I wanna win as I love hotel choccy!!!

  17. the goody bag looks fab

  18. They all look and sound so good but I’d love to have a box of lovebirds which I’d eat in bed-might save 1 for hubby!!

  19. I like the Straight From The Heart Collection – yummy!

  20. Artistic beautiful chocolate that would be have ro be slowly enjoyed .

  21. Love Birds in White Chocolate and Strawberry. So romatic just like my hubby and I. XXX

  22. valentines goody bag

  23. I would love the straight from the heart selection

  24. Anything with dark chocolate. I’d give the white to my man as he actually likws it

  25. Oh my! Would love to stuff my face with these and no, I won’t share 😉 heehee

  26. I’d love the chocolate scented Repose Eau de Parfum 50ml

  27. love hotel chocolat.

  28. i would love the Valentines Goody Bag, its so lovely,i would give it to my fiance in the hope he would share with me 😀 xx

  29. I’d love the champagne truffles – very decadent! I love Hotel Chocolat – and hoping if I dont win this Hubs gets his act together and gets me a little gift, mind you it would be a first if he did – romantic gestures only happen once every 10 years!

  30. Pink champagne truffles are my favourite…..but I would love all of it!

  31. I’d like the The Sleekster Nutty Selection as I love nutty chocolate!

  32. The sleekster caramel collection would be fantastic!

  33. The Signature Cabinet

  34. Has to be the champagne truffles 🙂

  35. If my Valentine sent me The love selection I would be very happy.

  36. Ooo love hotel chocolat, straight from the heart chocolate would be greatly appreciated yum x

  37. truffles yummy

  38. Scrumptious

  39. The Love Selection looks gorgeous

  40. Champagne Truffles for me, though any would do 😉 x

  41. Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

  42. I would love to get the Valentine’s Goody bag for my mrs

  43. The Love Selection

  44. The Classic Champagne Truffles Grand sounds just right! Yummy 🙂

  45. The Vlaentines Goody Bag looks divine

  46. Champagne Truffles 🙂

  47. The love selection!

  48. I would love to receive The Pink Collection.

  49. Classic Champagne Truffles Grand would be fab

  50. I’d like to get the The Perfect Match slab, for my partner, as me and himself are the perfect match!

  51. The Love Selection – with prosecco!!

  52. The Straight from the heart box looks amazing! Love Hotel Chocolat!

  53. The love selection looks amazing!

  54. I would give my husband From Sunrise to Sunset set so I could spend all day with him x

  55. Valentines goody bag

  56. Open Your Heart – just the name makes me melt!

  57. these sound great

  58. I’d love the Straight From The Heart

  59. I wouldn’t want something from the valentines range, id want the dark chocolate soft salted caramel selectors, sooo delicious i could easily live of them lol

  60. The Pink Collection.

  61. Champagne truffles!

  62. I’d like to have Straight From The Heart from hubby!

  63. I love the Straight from the Heart gift box! Hope someone buys it for me xx

  64. Champagne truffles all the way!

  65. I’d love The Sleekster Valentine Selection cos I love Hotel Chocolat’s Champagne Truffles & Salted Caramel Cheesecakes and I want to try their Chilli, Ginger & Almond Pralines!

  66. Straight From The Heart for my hubby

  67. Straight from the heart

  68. I think I would love to get the love selection off my valentine, sounds amazing!

  69. I would love the Straight from the Heart gift box

  70. The straight from the heart chocs

  71. I’d love to receive a box of Straight from the Heart chocolates from my Valentine this Valentine’s Day

  72. the love selection

  73. The Signature Cabinet

  74. Valentines Goody Bag – like the look of this.

  75. A Valentines goodie bag would be great fun

  76. the
    The Perfect Match 200g Slab
    would be enought for me 😉

  77. I would share with my son, but only if he hurries lol

  78. The love selection looks lovely

  79. the Straight From The Heart box is pretty fab!!

  80. I would love the Valentine’s Goody bag

  81. The Perfect Match 200g Slab sounds just gorgeous, would rather we spend money on a meal out than a box of chocs, even though they do look rather wonderful.

  82. The Sleekster Valentine Selection 🙂

  83. i would love the straight from the heart ..
    from chocaholic. yummy

  84. I would love – Straight From The Heart.

    If only my hubby ever remembered it was valentines day!

  85. The love selections best of both worlds choccies to sweeten her up lol

  86. Anything chocolate 🙂 xx

  87. Scrum my chocolate

  88. SLURP!!

  89. The love selection looks sensational. x

  90. The Sleekster Valentine Selection looks lovely

  91. The Valentine’s goody bag is great

  92. I would love the Valentines Goody Bag <3

  93. The H-Box Valentine Selection

  94. Love the fruit creams, but couldn’t see them on the website 🙁
    I did spot some delicious kirsch-cherries tho’ … 😉

  95. the valentines goodie bag 🙂

  96. The Sleekster Valentine Selection looks scrummy!

  97. I would love the ‘Straight from the Heart’ selection, not only because the chocolate selection looks delicious but because that box sounds like it means something special 🙂

  98. I would give to harry who treats me so special I could treat him

  99. Pink Champagne Truffles they look gorgeous 🙂

  100. Would love for him to give me the love selection x

  101. The Perfect Match 200g Slab 🙂

  102. I would love the Valentine’s Goody bag

  103. The Signature Cabinet sounds good

  104. wow i just received my Classic Champagne Truffles from hotel chocolate and they are hidden away so my hubby does not find them before valintines day
    thank you so much Lynnm

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