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Gnaw Chocolate, Too Good To Share?

This is one of those posts that I strongly suggest you must read, even if you are on a diet or abstaining from chocolate for Lent.  I CANNOT be held accountable for any upset caused to those who do not read this and miss out on the fabulous competition included within.

Chocolate is one of my biggest loves.  I may not necessarily eat it on a daily basis but the thought of not having any over a prolonged period of time is rather traumatic so let’s not think about that (like I would let that happen).  I recently spoke with a lady from a chocolate company asking me if I was interested in reviewing some of their chocolate and hosting a giveaway too.  Hmmmmmm let me think, yes please!  How could anyone in their right mind pass up chocolate from a company that makes so many amazing flavours.  Just take a look at their website to see what I mean.  Flavours include: Strawberry and Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, Banoffee Pie, Fudge Crunch and so many many more that any chocolate lover will be left literally drooling.  The range of flavours is extremely diverse and they have different sizes to suit all levels of our cravings from nibbles and mini bars to big bars (110g) and hampers.  They even do a range of hot chocolates that use a nice sized shot of real chocolate, with marshmallows to please our inner child as well as your children should you choose to share.  My suggestion, hide them and take them out and indulge whilst the little ones are at school or asleep, yummmmmmm!!!!  The caramel one was my favourite.

DSC01756 DSC01765 DSC01775DSC01784When speaking with the marketing lady she asked me whether I was giving up chocolate for lent.  I replied “I wouldn’t survive a week if I did lol.”  For those of you that have given up chocolate for lent you have my deepest sympathy.  Thankfully it won’t last forever!!!! (I always like to see the positive side of things).  Now let it be said for those unaware not all chocolate is created equal.  Some excel to the degree that you can’t possibly fall out of love with them, ever!  And such companies that make fabulous tasting chocolate as far as I am concerned they should win awards for their services to man.

The company that I am introducing you all too in this post is known as ‘Gnaw Chocolate’ and features squirrels on their packaging.  As well as making deliciously decadent chocolate they also aim to highlight the plight of the UK’s red squirrels.  Gnaw are helping the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust in Gnawfolk (Norfolk) by adopting (thanks to the adoption programme) some of these squirrels and are proud to say that they are squirrel godparents to a number of these cute little furry fellas.  Launched in 2011 its creators have tried to convey the fun and exciting element of indulging in this divine treat through their choice of flavours and the packaging.

DSC01811 DSC01830You need only start eating one of their bars to see what I mean.  The chocolate bars were literally talking to me and my taste testers:

DSC01873Ok, we’re in!

DSC01878It sure is. (By this stage you are wishing you kept the chocolate for yourself as it’s soooooooo good and you’ve only eaten the second row!)

DSC01879OMG nooooooooo!!!!! already.

Next up “No need to Share” my thoughts exactly and away in the cupboard they go.  Ok so I will admit I did share these with approximately 8 other people so you can imagine my despair to see the bars literally vanishing before my eyes although they were shared wth family and friends that I love so it’s not all that bad.

What did we think?

My assistants although less experienced in the tasting of chocolate loved it which was hardly surprising.  I have tried so many different types of chocolates from food shows and chocolate shows in London, from Switerland, Belgium and New York etc. and I can safely say this is a major competitior with all of the other brands I have tasted.  Their chocolate is in a word FABULOUS!!!!!!!!  Even the Chilli + Lime which I was initially not sure about grew on me after as few bites with it’s smooth, creamy dark Belgian chocolate and it was clear that it was of a good quality.

All the chocolate was amazing.  Our favourite by unanimous vote was the Salted Caramel.DSC01853The combination of sweet and salty was superb and perfectly combined.  I would even go as far as to say that this without a doubt is the best salted caramel chocolate I have ever tasted and as it’s one of my favourite flavours.  If you like this flavour I urge you to try it as I know you will not be disappointed.

The Banoffee Pie made my childrens homework so much easier and funnily enough it was completed so much faster than normal when used as a form of bribery.  They loved this flavour as well as the DSC01861Mint Choc Chip

DSC01866and couldn’t get enough of it.  Both had a smooth clean flavour with no odd after taste.  Clearly expertly created using real chocolate enthusiasts (not in the chocolate) these are some of the best chocolates available.

The Peanut Butter flavour combines sweet and a little salty hint with a rich peanut flavour to make it simply “scrumdiddlyumptious”.  Then again I have a sneaky suspicion that these guys are relatives of Willy Wonka and use his squirrels in their factory.

DSC01856All of their chocolates are carefully hand-crafted in their Gnawfolk kitchens, using locally sourced ingredients and natural flavours.  The prices are extremely reasonable for this qualty of chocolate and range of flavours and these make a lovely gift for others or yourself.  We all have to indulge sometimes.  This is the sort of chocolate you will want to savour although I doubt you will be gnawing it, it’s way to tasty!

I think that you will all be very excited to hear that I have a Wonderful Winter Bundle to give away to one very lucky reader.

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    1. I should hope so too, it’s fabulous 😉

  2. Sounds delicious love to try the different flavours thankyou

  3. Chocolate is my treat of the week

    1. These ones are delicious the children loved them too.

  4. I am a chocoholic so this would be a great prize

    1. You will love this chocolate Michael!!!

  5. These sound gorgeous, I think the Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter are going to be out favourites. Thanks for such a fab giveaway, loved reading your post x

    1. Glad you liked the giveaway I’m really glad they said I could host it.

  6. Mmmm Sounds Delicious

    1. This chocolate is really good, plus make sure you try the caramel hot choc!!!

  7. Looks so lush

    1. These are gorgeous.

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