Comment on Edible Sweet Gifts for Under £10 (2017) by Lindsey.

These prosecco gummies, looks delicious, I never knew they did these, their goes weight watchers lol!

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Lentil, Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg
Lentils are currently having their moment right now! This is a great dish for lunch and dinner as lentils are packed with loads of fibre and energy.

Needlite: A Great Source of White Light All Year Long
I wish you were my science teacher at school, would of listened better lol! A very informative and educational post.

BillSaveUK are Giving £50 Amazon Gift Vouchers to Affordable Warmth Customers With Free Insulation
How fab is this, every penny counts voucher. I am acutally in the process of buying my home, but live on the ground floor 🙁

Skin Doctors – Beelift
Check you out all being brave, holding this fab product right by the bee.

Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
This restaurant sounds, right up my street. I love Kimchee, especially in dumplings, which I kind of have an obsession for. So glad that your wait knew what to suggest, as sometimes when dining out, and you are asking your waiter or waitress for an opinion, some just do not have a clue!

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