Comment on Edible Sweet Gifts for Under £10 (2017) by Lindsey.

These prosecco gummies, looks delicious, I never knew they did these, their goes weight watchers lol!

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Give Your Children That Competitive Edge
I am a big believer, what you put in you put out. So if you put good energy (Food) you release good energy. I know some parents find it easy to have over a sugary breakfast treats, but as you have pointed out, it can leave our children crashing mid morning, halfway through school. I always give my daughter toast and porridge, and I had a few fruits and she is buzzing to go preschool.

Hankies Restaurant
Now I am hungry, the food and venue look really great and food super tasty.

Lentil, Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg
Lentils are currently having their moment right now! This is a great dish for lunch and dinner as lentils are packed with loads of fibre and energy.

Needlite: A Great Source of White Light All Year Long
I wish you were my science teacher at school, would of listened better lol! A very informative and educational post.

It’s Time To Take Your Finances Seriously
This year for me has been a big eye opener for me on my finances. More so that I am trying to buy a house, so every penny counts right now.

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