Comment on Edible Sweet Gifts for Under £10 (2017) by Kirsty.

I would prefer the chocolate or biscuits myself! Both look delicious right now! And those tins would be great to re use as they are so pretty x

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Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
This recipe looks amazing, I’ve never been an egg fan but adding in the addition of Chorizo might be better for me! I’ll have to give it a try and let you know x

Thai Square Covent Garden
The chilli lamb looks so tasty and would be something I think I’d enjoy. I’ve not really had much Thai food but I would love to try out more of it now!

Give Your Children That Competitive Edge
I would definitely be giving Mia fruit smoothies when she’s older as it’s a great way of getting in the dive a day. I’ve never really thought about this as she’s so little but it’s interesting to read and think about x

Creating a Gorgeous Guest Bedroom 
We used to have a spare room that we just used as a storage room but it’s now a nursery. I would love to have a bigger house for a guest room and agree that it should be neural in colour and have the most amazing bed!

Bad Credit Score? Don’t Panic – Read This!
I’ve never had an issue with my credit score luckily but I know people who have and these tips would be useful for them

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