Comment on Edible Sweet Gifts for Under £10 (2017) by Mellissa Williams.

Seashells are totally yummy. Thanks for this, it is great to see you can give a foodie gift and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)
I think this is a sister restaurant to the Stable in Cardiff. We had great pizza and cider there too. Your pizza looks amazing

New Laws Relating to Using Your Phone When Driving
I’m glad there is a change in the law. It’s so important to pull over safely to answer your phone. It only takes a second to lose concentration and someone can be hurt

Necklace Lanyards for Ladies
What a great idea, the camper van is cute. Lanyards can be boring and this makes them much prettier

Get Your Skates On and Get Fit!
Great that your girls love skating! Anything that encourages fun and exercise is brilliant by me

Mango Swirl Pavlova
I think I am in pavlova heaven! This looks so delicious, and I think I may make this for Mr W

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