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Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups: Diva

We are a family of animal lovers.  We love toy animals as well as live ones.  My children  would love to have a puppy but we simply don’t have the space or time to look after one.  When given the chance to review Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups Diva of course we were game.  A puppy you don’t need to walk daily etc. is a far better alternative for us.  Wow these really are tiny pups we didn’t realise this pup would be quite so little although the name of the product does give it away, duh!  Anyway the day came when our pup Diva arrived and of course the girls and mini man were super excited so naturally I was extremely thankful that there were batteries included in the box.  Don’t you just hate it when batteries are not included and you need to do the mad scrabble around the house to find enough whist the little ones are asking over and over like a broken record “have you found them yet?”  This tiny pup is super cute and is brightly coloured too and she does make adorable little sounds.

What are Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups?

Well they are pretty much what their name describes, tiny pups.

These tiny pups have little rollers under their feet so they can be pushed around.

The pups respond to touch via special sensors.  Pet their head and they bark and pant happily, pet and hold their head and the will bark “I Love You”.

Press their nose once or twice in a row and they will make cute sounds.  Press and hold the nose and they make a kissing sound.

The pups eyes light up as she interacts.

Each pup features a unique secret trick.  To find out what this is pet the head and then press the nose twice.

They play a fun Zupp game called the bark back game.  Pet the head and press the nose at the same time to play.  They bark and flash their eyes in a specific pattern.  Pet the head to repeat the pattern.  Pet the head quickly for a bark and pet and hold the nose for a howl.  Get three in a row and you win!

The legs are adjustable so you can make them stand, sit or lie down.

If you have a few pups you can watch them interact with each other.

There are six to collect and each pup comes with a collector card, instruction book and have batteries already installed.

These are for children aged 4 to 8 years old.

See Diva in Action: 


What Did We Think?

The kids loved Diva, they thought she was super cute and loved the sweet little sounds that she made and also when she said “I Love You”.  Zoomer Zupps are easy to play with and Diva’s back legs move so you can position her to do tricks such as sit, lie down as well as stand.

The pups are small enough to make them easily transportable.  The more you play with them the happier they are and the kids found this adorable little pup irresistible.  Mr Squishy liked Diva so much he wanted her.  The girls were not impressed when he grabbed her and said “is miiiii” (is mine).

Zoomer Pups are available to buy from retailers such as Toys R Us, The Entertainer and Smyths and have a RRP of £14.99.

Have you heard of Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups before?  Would you get one as a gift for a child you know?

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Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.

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  1. I dont know who would play with this most,me or the kids lol

    1. Lol, she is pretty cute isn’t she x

  2. My girls would love one of these! We have a little chihuahua so they love anything to do with little dogs!

    1. Bet that’s cute and not much larger than the toy lol.

  3. They are adorable, love the bright colours and that they are interactive. Would def. get one for a gift for my great nieces. BTW Mr Squishy, I think you should have him x

    1. Lol, he totally agrees with you!!!

  4. Awww these look adorable would be a huge fan with my kids

    1. My girls and of course Squishy love Diva!

  5. I remember having something similar to this when I was young! They are so much fun! xx

    1. It is really good fun x

  6. These are pretty cute and far more practical than an actual dog x

    1. I know!!! How good is that plus no poop to clean up lol.

  7. hehe your home sounds like mine. We love animals of both types here as well. I really love the look of this toy, my boys would love it x

    1. It is super cute and easy to use.

  8. We have the cat version, it’s very cute and lots of fun!

    1. Oh wow we need to get one of those too!!!!

  9. I would have loved this when i was a kid, looks really fun

    1. I love it but that’s because I’m a big kid.

  10. There are super cute! my daughter would love one

    1. I don’t blame her we love this cute pup!

  11. My sister has one of them as well and loves them – so glad they are super colourful as well, makes it more exciting I think

    1. It sure does they look so cute and are nicely coloured 😉

  12. So cute, I haven’t seen these before, my children would love them, especially if they had one each and they could interact.

    1. That would be great wouldn’t it, we need more 😉

  13. Oh my girls would LOVE these!! They love anything like this, pups especially! I’ll have to keep my eye open for them!

  14. That’s really cute! I remember having something similar when in was a kid, but it definitely wasn’t as colorful lol.

    1. This is a lovely little toy and great fun.

  15. Toys these days are so cool! I wish there were interactive toys when I was a kid (other’s than the ugly baby doll who would make strange sounds). I like that these pups can interact with each other, offering different playing experiences each time.

    1. They are super fun. Th kids really do enjoy playing with Diva.

  16. The toy looks great. going to get one for my niece . Thanks for the review

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