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The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel

The weather is getting warmer, yippppeeeee!!!!! Who else is excited????? With a heat wave forecast and temperatures predicted to soar to 30 degrees I am trying to think of some ways that the little ones can have fun outside like I used to when I was little.

Brace yourselves I have the most amazing product that I really do wish was also suitable for adults as I would be getting straight into it and I know a few friends that would want to join me!!

Sadly, this only holds up to approximately 5 stone 7lb (about 80b, 36kg) so that’s most adults out of the picture – lucky for the kids lol.

Little man thought Christmas had come early when a box arrived and I showed him the contents an inflatable roller wheel.  His eyes almost popped out of his head and he grinned from ear to ear.  Then he wanted to play with it straight away.  I should have thought that one through better.

Note to self – show the kids new toys when we are ready to play with them and not before.

The box was enormous in comparison to little man but he was determined to get this set up as fast as possible.

He managed to unbox it quickly and got to work setting it up.

His first attempt at pumping up the inflatable failed miserably when he decided that he would use his bottom.

Attempt two.  Pumping by foot.  With his little legs, little man did struggle, so mummy came to the rescue.  It took me about 12 minutes to pump up with a very excited boy ready to dive in.

This has been designed with roly-poly fun in mind.  The roller is the perfect size for my little man and also his sisters, it’s colourful and has balls that roll around inside when they play.  The roller is for both indoor and outdoor use (grass is better to avoid punctures) but, I found it best to use in the garden as there is far more space.

It’s fun not only to roll around you can also climb through it or make a fort!

This little guy and his sisters thought mummy was fabulous getting this super fun inflatable for them to play with.  But, what they don’t know is that it’s not just really good fun it’s also good for enhancing their coordination skills.  In addition it’s also perfect for teaching the children to play nicely not only by sharing but playing together by rolling each other around.  It’s a great form of exercise as they need to use different muscles whether they are rolling themselves or their siblings and visually stimulating with all the bright colours.

The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel can be found on Amazon, Prezzy Box and Ebay.

Would you be tempted to get one of these for your child(ren), grandchild, niece, nephew – or if your an adult, are you as keen to have a go in one as I am?


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  1. This looks like a really fun thing to play for children. I can’t wait for fun things like these with them them over summer. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    1. It really is a fun toy, you can see little man grinning in those photos.

  2. Hey this looks really cool box of fun to play with children. It also looks much more better than that exercise ball which people use for beaches. Maybe if you have swimming pool nearby your location, they could have fun there. Just A Suggestion.

    1. If only. I don’t think the local pools would allow us to use it as it’s quite big. It’s still plenty of fun on the grass though.

  3. Haha this is ace, we would have so much fun with this x

    1. We do!!! Your kids will love it.

  4. Oh wow this looks like SO much fun! My children would adore playing with this, we love outdoor play.

  5. It looks like fun, and also safe – which is very important! Kids will love it 🙂

    1. We use it on the grass and so if they fall out there is a nice soft landing.

  6. It looks like an amazing activity for summer. exciting and so much fun for kids. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It isa fantastic summer toy, mine really love playing with this. I use it to bribe them to get their homework done.

  7. This looks like a whole lotta fun! Kids look ecstatic too 🙂

    1. They really do love playing with this x

  8. We have one of these and the kids love it. We resorted to an electric pump to inflate it though

    1. Ha, I don’t blame you. I didn’t only because it said in the instructions not too and I didn’t want to break it 🙂

  9. Aw I have to agree, I kind of wish that they could create an adult version because the thumbs up roller wheel looks like so much fun, although if it can only take 5KG then I am pretty sure that I would break it haha! I will just have to content myself in watching the kids having fun in the colourful wheel instead.

    1. Ha, we could race each other although I should mention I suffer from motion sickness lol.

  10. Oh my goodness, that would make me so sick! I have always hated things that roll and spin, but I know most kids love that stuff. Glad they enjoyed it!

    1. Ha, I think I’d be the same although I really want to have a go!!! The kids loooove it!

  11. Oh my gosh! It’s soooo cute! Would love to have that for my girls because they like anything that’s bouncy and rolling.

    1. I am sure they would love it. It’s also easy to deflate and inflate so taking it to the park is also an option.

  12. Yes I’m keen to go in one!!!! They look like so much fun, if only they were around when I was a child. I just love that they are easy to inflate as well!

    1. It’s super easy to inflate and great fun to use. I wish I could join in the fun!

  13. The little man is so funny! Too much effort that never even paid off and mummy had to come to the rescue! Oh kids! Anyway, that roller is just awesome for his playtime although he should get ready for a lot of spinning , rolling and hopefully he doesn’t get sick ..

    1. Lol, I probably would have but he was rolling for ages and loved it!

  14. this roller wheel is just perfect for children. Seems they enjoyed a lot.

    1. It sure is great fun x

  15. This looks fantastic! The laughing faces say it all!

    1. They sure do!!! This is really great fun!!!

  16. What a fun activity! My niece and nephew would love this – their garden is pretty big as well so there would be loads of space for them to enjoy it x

    1. They’re going to love it. Mine have been rolling around in theirs all summer!

  17. oh wow, this looks so fun! If you’ve got the space for it, it would be great to have 🙂

    1. You can take it to the park too. Mine are playing with this as much as they can when the weather is okay.

  18. It looks like a great big hamster wheel! I love the colourfulness of the wheel and it really does seem like a lot of fun, shame there isn’t an adult version! I’m sure Mia would love this when she is a bit older.

  19. Oh wow this looks like so much fun. My little ones would have so much fun with this. I might just surprise my eldest with it for her birthday next month.

  20. We have this we took it away with us and planned to use it on the beach but the beach was sharp sand (shells and rocks) so instead the kids played with it at home and they loved it. My two year old loves to lounge in it x

  21. This looks fun! I’m sure any kid would love this plus it’s so colourful!

  22. Oh my gosh this roller wheel looks like so much fun and I love that you can pack it down to a small size!! It’s my sons birthday this month and think I might pick up one of these a I know he would love it

    Laura x

  23. This looks AMAZING! Why can’t you get into it and give it a try Melanie? If you do, make sure you video it 😉 x

    1. Ha, if only Becca. Unfortunately this allows for children’s weights only. They’d be devastated if I broke it.

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