Comment on The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies by Jess.

I’m going to sound daft but I actually have something similar for when I’m ill myself haha! It’s a microwave pug that I picked up in Newlook. Perfect for back pain. I guarantee you’ll be borrowing this off your kids eventually.

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Kimchee RestaurantĀ Kings Cross (London)
Oh my gosh, I LOVE Korea food! Bibimbap is my absolute fav but I never finish.

Coconut Ice Cream
Oooo yes I love the idea of a mixing a bit of malibu in there!

Spaccanapoli Covent Garden
It’s such a shame that this wasn’t quite what you hoped for. I LOVE caramel and probably would have ordered that dessert too, I think I’ll have to stick to regular Angel Delight ;)!

Luckyfine Black Mask
Oh wow! I’ve always wanted to try one of these! Then again, I do have a lot of peach fuzz so it might not be the best idea!

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