Comment on The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies by Jess.

I’m going to sound daft but I actually have something similar for when I’m ill myself haha! It’s a microwave pug that I picked up in Newlook. Perfect for back pain. I guarantee you’ll be borrowing this off your kids eventually.

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Top Tips For Visiting Winter Wonderland with Children
Oh I love those little warmth stations! I wish we had those at the Manchester Christmas Markets. I’m also craving churros right now, oh my gosh!

Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Infused Salami, Cheese and Coriander
Salami is the key thing I miss as a vegetarian and the one thing that tempts me the most. Just send this over to my fella’s mum because she’d love something like this. I’m in charge of boxing day breakfast actually so I guess I could whip up this! Thanks for the inspiration.

Essentialle Face Oils
I love brands that focus on the power of essential oils. Not only do they make your skin amazing, but there’s the added bonus of aromatherapy included.

Air Wars Battle Drones
These look brilliant! I’m glad the air blades are guarded. I’ve seen too many drones aimed at kids that miss that simple guard.

Quaglino’s Restaurant St James
Oh yummy! Glad you enjoyed yourself :). Mentioned on Ab Fab, you say? No wonder it’s popular.

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