Comment on The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies by Anosa.

As soon as you said warm teddies I knew I had to grab one for myself. Whilst I wont claim to chat with my old teddies I think it can be very therapeutic but if its warm makes it even more fun to hug and talk to it lol

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Monmouth Kitchen
You make me envy your experience. Looks like you had an awesome and sumptuous meal during that time. Such a nice and elegant restaurant.

Unique Coming of Age Gift Ideas For Daughters
I can’t think of any one gift that I wouldn’t appreciate from my parents and these are all amazing and so up to date. I love holidays so that would be epic

Choosing Presents You Know Will Be Loved!
I am someone who usually struggles when it comes to picking gifts for friends and even family members but I love the idea of experience gifts etc

Rossella Kentish Town
The food looks perfectly done and beautifully prepared. Who would not feel good about that. I would love to taste it as well.

Sutton and Sons Islington
Sutton and Sons sounds like the place we should all be rushing to for some good fish and chips and that calamari looks absolutely delicious.

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