Comment on The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies by Ana De- Jesus.

I have not had a cuddly toy in a while but I would quite like one to cuddle when I feel lonely at night lol. I can pretend its the man of my dreams haha x

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Lentil, Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg
Oh yum what a delicious and healthy meal and who knew how many vitamins that eggs contain? They really are a wonderfood!

Bad Credit Score? Don’t Panic – Read This!
That is why I am too scared to use my credit card and use my debit card instead because I know I am not great with money , I definitely don’t want a bad credit score. I like the idea of paying in cash though x

Manitoba Tigella Italian Restaurant Review
As a desert fiend the choccy bun looks absolutely delicious especially if you say it is similar to Brioche which I adore! x

Dads Aren’t Just for Father’s Day!
Bayliss and Harding are great, they have some fab products and I agree that fathers should be appreciated no matter what time of year it is!

Monmouth Kitchen
Monmouth has some tasty delicacies. I like the sound of the cafe almendra, the burrata and the bellini yum!

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