Comment on The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies by StressedMum.

These are so lovely, my Daughter used to have a winnie the pooh one when she was younger that would keep her warm x

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Skinn Collagenesis Collection
I love the looks of these products, I have not seen (or can not remember) Ideal World, I will have to pop over and have a look x

Beetroot, Rocket, Avocado and Feta Salad
This sounds amazing, I have not had beetroot in ages and love it, I need to give this a try x

Germ Scientists Approve 5 Second Food Rule!
I use the 5 second rule all the time, unless like you I am out then it is a no go x

Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit Review and Giveaway
What a great kit, my Daughter would have loved this when she was younger, actually she would still love it now, and I think I would have to have a play as well x

Large Easter Eggs for £2. Bargain!
I have not looked at easter eggs yet, my mum got my Daughter one of the £2 eggs the other day, I am going to have to get her the terrys orange one as he loves those x