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The Clementoni Robomaker


Robots are pretty cool aren’t they?  But, wouldn’t it be even cooler to learn to programme your own robot?  It’s not just children that will be interested in this great gift idea, it’s perfect for the geeks in our lives, my husband included.  Clementoni have come up with an ingenious STEM toy that will excited both girls and boys.

This is aimed at ages 10 and over and is idea for those that love to be creative.


The kit contains all the parts required to build 5 different robots.  These increase in complexity and can be programmed manually or via the APP.  The App is free to download and much to my delight and appreciation is really well set out making build, create, learn (there is a tutorial that will teach you how to programme your robot) and  control.

What’s in the box?

1 cybernetic brain

3 electronic motors

2 IR sensors

1 touch sensor

1 speaker

Over 250 interchangeable components.

What can the robots do?

The robots movements, speed and sounds can all be programmed and the complexity will depend on which robot you choose to build.  Once you have built them all and developed your skills as a  robot builder you can then try and create your very own robot designs and programme those too for even more fun!  You will have all the knowledge you need to do so by that stage.

The robots have infra-red sensors allowing them to identify objects around them and the touch sensor recognises when the robot has picked them up.

X1-Explorer; you can program movements, speed and sounds.

X2- Spider can turn into into prey or predator.

With the X3-Sumobot you can play at following lines.

X4-Guardian scours the areas in search of intruders.

X5-Droid can grab objects and then figure out if they are white or black!

The APP allows the user to program the robots from either a tablet or smartphone.  It teaches block programming which is essential to learning the principles of coding.

What did the we think?

All my children loved this and so did my husband who insisted on helping and took over the construction of our robot as he wanted it to be done properly.  At least that was his excuse.  With over 200 hundred pieces to assemble and having done almost the first hundred the girls didn’t argue too much as they couldn’t wait to play with their new toy.

It was lovely to see the children helping daddy find the next pieces he needed and I’m sure the children will treasure this memory as adults.  It’s as you’ve guessed a great bonding project.  I will be encouraging them all to sit together and build some of the other robots when we have time.

The girls did struggle a little with undoing parts they had put together incorrectly when they started building it.  Some of the plastic joining parts broke on undoing but luckily there are plenty in the pack.

The robots take a while to assemble and we chose the easiest of the robots, the Explorer, just to make sure we could manage it.  I can’t stress how useful the app was in helping us construct the robot giving step by step instructions and making something that looks really complicated far more manageable.

The children enjoyed controlling the robot which moves well and loved that it also made noises.

These are great for keeping the children busy and doing something educational and fun all at the same time.  It’s also a great tool to teach patience and persistence.  Roll on half term this mummy is ready for you!

See the robot in action:


This is available from Smyths for £69.99.

Also in the range:

The Clementoni range is pretty varied and includes baby toys, soft building toys, educational, creative toys and scientific toys.  Another that the girls are looking forward to building even though they know their little brother plans to steal it is the Grand Prix set.

This has over 350 interchangeable parts allowing for 10 different racing car models to be made.  One of the cars is a Formula 1 car with functioning steering wheel, adjustable rear spoiler and rear wheels.   Other options include a go kart, off-roader and more!  The manual guides users through the various steps.  This can also be control via app.

This is available from Smyths for £29.99.


You can find out more about the range of products available from Clementoni over on their website http://www.clementoni.com/en/

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Disclosure: The children were sent samples for the purpose of the review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. How clever is that!! That is such a good idea, I haven’t seen them before, my nieces will love those!!

  2. Oh wow this looks seriously impressive! I love these interactive kits that children can build, learn from and then play with 🙂

    1. Same here. It’s great to get them to think about building the robots and learn how they can make their own eventually.

  3. That is one cool toy! Brilliant idea to mix science, technology and play. I know many kids and adults who would love this

    1. It’s fantastic. They all loved it including the husband!

  4. I absolutely love the look of this! It is a pretty cool robot. Kaz

  5. I love STEM learning and think Eliza and Isaac would love this

  6. This looks like a good educational but fun present

  7. That is SO cool! Something people of all ages can enjoy too!

    1. I agree. this is a great product x

  8. If only they had things like this when my son was young he might have shown more of an interest in coding

    1. That’s a shame. These are a great way to help encourage them to code.

  9. Wow! They look amazing! My little nephew would especially be interested by the racing car!

    1. It’s a cool car and you can make others too!!!

  10. What a lovely activity for all the family to get involve in when building the robot. It does sound a little complicated so I’m glad there is a useful app to help with the build.

    1. If you work together and follow the step by step instructions it works well x

  11. This really does look like a lot of fun.

  12. Ohh.. this would be so cool for my son for Christmas! Looks like just his kind of thing!

    1. He will love it. It’s really good fun and a nice way for family members to send time together if you want. Alternatively older children can do this solo.

  13. This is an amazing educational toy. I am slightly worried that us ‘older generation’. – anyone over 20ish! won’t be able to keep up with the kids!

    1. Ha. I think I will be asking the kids to help me very soon 🙂

  14. A great way to get kids interested in computing, programming and robotics!

    1. That’s very true. My husband and I were very impressed and the kids of course thought this was amazing!

  15. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it looks really interesting and would keep anyone busy for hours 🙂

    1. It sure does. Days even!!!!

  16. I am so happy that there are so many ways out there now to get our children interested in computing etc.

    1. Me too these are a great idea to give children a fun way to learn.

  17. I like that there’s a creative element before they get to operating the robot

  18. Wow – my nephew would absolutely love this! Would make a great Christmas pressie!

  19. I reckon they’ll be selling robot pets before long

    1. There are pet robots. My little ones got one a few years back. Not as advanced as this but still fun.

  20. Wow these look quite cool! I think when my niece is a bit older she would like these

    1. I am sure she will. These are great fun and educational too x

  21. this looks increbile, so many ideas for educational gifts now a days. I love a learning toy, also helps us adults learn too!

  22. We love interactive kits that the whole family can get involved with, this looks so much fun!

  23. This looks a great present, I know a few families that would love it. I know I would have loved ‘helping’.

  24. What a great gift idea. My kids would love this. Makes learning fun!

  25. Ideal for my daughter who loves her science

  26. This looks amazing! My Grandson would love to build one of these robots & I bet his Daddy will have to help too 🙂

  27. That does look amazing. I love the integration with the app. I’m tempted to buy for myself, actually!

  28. Woah this Robomaker looks incredible!!! Great review,
    This makes learning so much fun! My son would love this.

  29. Great toy looks very educational and fun. My daughter would love it too!

  30. This is just the sort of thing my sons would have loved when they were younger, great to be able to learn through fun at this age

  31. Looks brilliant – would love to win for my nephew!

  32. wow this looks amazing and very educational, i love it

  33. This looks very interesting my 2 younger children are to young I think for this atm…. but it looks fun

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