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Slime Time!!!

My girls love to play with slime.  We used to get these teeny tiny plastic eggs full with the gooey stuff which they loved and more recently they have been trying to make their own. My fridge has been filled with little pots of this and that with and without glitter and to be honest it was getting a bit much.  Then I started seeing mention on twitter about a company called Zimpli Kids who make a range of coloured slime that you can make yourself using their handy packs.  They have different sized packs depending on how brave you are feeling so you can make some in a bowl or sink and there are others large enough to use in a bath.  Of course once my children heard about this they insisted on trying it.

We got two different packs one called Slime Play, the other Slime Baff.  These come in a mix of colours and are scented.  The products are made in the UK, 100% safe and degradable, environmentally friendly, non irritant and stain free.

Slime Play

The Slime Play was the smaller of the two packs and we decided to make this in a bowl.  We didn’t use the whole sachet.  It was easy enough to use and we found by combining it with water giving it a good mix, setting it aside for a bit then giving it another mix we got great results.

The more you mix it the thicker it gets!!



Doesn’t it look fun!!!!

Take a look at our video to see for yourself.


We covered this with cling film when the girls had finished playing and kept it for a few more days to extend the fun.  When we had finished with the Slime Play, water was added and it was poured down the toilet and flushed away.

Slime Baff

The Slime Baff was also great fun.  We followed the same technique to prepare the slime as before and purposely didn’t use too much water so we could add warm water when the children were ready to get in.

Check out the Slime Baff in our video here:


The girls had an amazing time playing with the slime.  When it was time to finish up we simply added more water to it and the Slime Baff went down the plug hole and as it had thinned out with the addition of the water it drained away easily.  The bath was simply wiped down as always then cleaned with a disinfectant and was ready for the next use.

I was impressed at how easy the slime was to use and the kids thought it was great fun.  The are looking forward to their next Slime Baff.

Do you feel brave enough to get into a bath with slime?

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  1. I dread the time when my daughter will want to play with slime! I can’t really stand it lol, it’s weird I know!

    1. That’s a shame it is great fun 😉

  2. Haha is it strange that I want a slime ‘baff’ for myself, it makes the water look so pretty ! I used to love playing with slime when I was younger even when I was told it was improper for a ‘lady to do’ naturally I ignored them. Slime is open to both genders!

    1. It sure is. My girls love all sorts of things that used to be targeted at boys only.

  3. Whoa this would be a great idea bonding with nieces – they will surely love playing with colorful slime. Thanks for posting, including the instruction and how it will get thicker and sticky this would be a great option. Your girls seems really enjoying it,

    1. They sure did. You will have a great time, it is fun so would make a great bonding tool.

  4. The girls looked like they had fun making slime and playing with it. My granddaughters want their slime with glitters. I love that they find playing with slime fun. That is very good for sensory development.

    1. It sure is and you can always add glitter if you want.

  5. Slime is really a great fun, my son loves playing with it. It is such a sensory activating play.

    1. It sure is fun, all 3 of mine love it too.

  6. Looks liek they are having a lot of fun with that slime 😀 who wouldn’t?! That’s a perfect Halloween stuff to play with.

    1. It’s not just for Halloween, mine would play with it all year around given the chance.

  7. I can’t say I understand the allure of slime, but they are clearly having a good time! Honestly, they look like they’re having too much fun. Adorable!

    1. Kids and slime – it’s crazy but it’s a fabulous pairing. The’ll play with it for ages!!!

  8. When I was younger I loved to play with slime even though it was all icky and gooey. Then of course I got over it. Now with a boy toddler I think I might start loving it again.

    1. Ha, I think I recall playing with slime too. I quite enjoyed it – bet you will too x

  9. Thats a really cool way to keep kids engaged. They look having extreme fun and having good time.

    1. It sure is they love playing with slime – let’s say they are more than slightly obsessed.

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