My girls love to pretend that they are spies like most children.  It’s great for them to be creative in their play and also quite funny and super cute to watch.  We were fortunate to have been able to review a super fun spy toy this year The Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag which they loved so when I discovered that there was a great toy called Safe Breaker from Yulu available I really wanted to get hold of one.  Luckily we were selected to review one so naturally we were all over the moon when it arrived.

What’s in the Box?

The safebreaker vault.

One spy stethoscope.

Fifteen coins.

Eighteen game cards.

Three diamond stickers and one alarm sticker.

Safe Breakers is a great game for children and can be pretty fast paced too.  To get started all you will need is three AA batteries and between two and four excited children ages 6+ although Mr Squishy couldn’t be held back and had to join in too.

How To Play

To play you firstly need to turn on the vault and add the coins to the safe.  The youngest player starts by picking up a card and turn the vault dial to that number.  Place the stereoscope to your ear and press the fingerprint scanner.  The safe will make one of the following sounds;

Low boom boom sound = the safe code number is lower than that you have chosen.

High ping ping sound = the safe code number is higher than that you have chosen.

Ching ching / money sound = you have cracked the safe.  The light at the front will turn green and the door will open.  Between one and three gold coins will be released from the safe.

Alarm bell = the alarm has been triggered and the police are on their way.

The aim of the game is to break into the safe without triggering the alarm and the first player to either get to five gold coins or two diamonds wins.  If you get an alarm bell coin you have to put all your coins back in the safe.

See the Game in Action Here:

What Did We Think?

We all loved playing safe breaker, it’s great fun!  The game is very easy to play and one that all the family can enjoy.  The children wanted to play this over and over with and without me and it was one that they also played with a friend on a play date.  This is one of those games that the children and adults will love to play with and makes a great gift that is sure to be enjoyed.  I loved that this let us play and have fun as a family and also had the children playing nicely together as well as thinking logically.

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43 thoughts on “Safe Breaker Game from Yulu”

  1. Safe Breaker looks like a great game and we love the noises that it makes. This would be perfect for entertaining kids over the school holidays. Especially if they are spy lovers like your children!

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  2. So this game teaches you to break into safes…lmao. I think I want to become a creator of children’s games because the possibilities are endless. So much fun to be had!!

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  3. This looks like a really cool game!! I don’t have kids yet but my nephew would love playing with this game who doesn’t like to play spy games and solving mysteries 🙂

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