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Preparing a Hospital Bag for Baby

The main essentials required for baby when you are at the hospital include (allows for you staying an extra day):

Baby grows about 3.

Vests are optional, you will only need them if it is cool in the room or very warm instead of baby grows.

2-3 pairs of socks / booties.


2 Scratch mittens as these are easily lost.

A hat.

2 blankets.


1 Changing mat.

Nappies, I used to get through 5-7 a day when my girls were little.  Allow for a few days in case you need to stay in. (Hospitals will normally have some spare for emergencies especially if it’s your first baby.)

1 pack Baby wipes.


15 Nappy bags.

Cream for the little ones bottom – Sudocrem is good.

cream 1

Antibacterial gel / wipes.

4-5 Muslin squares.


2-3 Bibs.

2-3 small sterilised bottles.


1 bottle of pre mixed baby milk just in case.

(Photographs thanks to wikimedia)


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  1. I am looking for the socks in the picture. Where did you find them?

    Thank you

    1. I think Asda may have something similar but look online as they might not be in store.

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