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Pregnancy Week 28

The number of pillows I am now using has multiplied with the aim to combat the heartburn that has been plaguing me and I am glad to say that I am currently winning, yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!  Although I have medication if required I am of the thinking that I should really only take it when desperate so I am battling on.

Little Squishy’s nerve pathways to his ears are now fully formed so I now have an excuse when I am caught out talking to myself which is very convenient as it happens quite often.  I plan to use exhaustion as an excuse once he pops out.  I am finally in the third trimester woooohhhhhooooo!!!!!  No holidays abroad for me now as some airlines will not let you travel at this stage of pregnancy.  Squishy’s skin is now becoming more skin coloured and his bones are now beginning to harden although not completely as this will occur after birth.  He is now about the size of a large aubergine.


The lungs are developing well and so if we have any accidents and Squishy is born now he can breathe on his own with some medical intervention.

(Photographs thanks to wikimedia)

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  1. I love getting to the 28 week stage – to me, it symbolised the fact that, should the baby be born at any time now, the chances of development and survival are quite good and so with every passing day, the chances of a healthy baby increase. Hope your little one isn’t born too early, or too late – I guess around the 39 week would be perfect. Hope you enjoy the final trimester.

    1. Thanks Wendy, I’m hoping this one comes out at about 38 weeks as it’s always a struggle by then 😉

  2. Can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing! Little Squishy will be here before you know it, wishing you a healthy & happy 3rd trimester & birth 🙂

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