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Pregnancy Week 26

Little Squishy is clearly getting larger as his movements are far more pronounced with some rather large bulges protruding from my tummy.  I keep getting visions of the table scene in ‘Alien’ which really doesn’t help!  His face is beginning to appear rounder and his hearing far more acute.  I was talking with my husband and Squishy clearly recognised my voice as he started moving around although each time he heard my husband he seemed to stop what he was doing.  He is now approximately 35-36cm long and is about the size of a lettuce!


For those that haven’t found out what they are having old wives tales would predict that if you are carrying high, as in the bump is high up on your abdomen it’s a girl and if you are carrying low than it’s a boy.

Your weight is gradually increasing each week, don’t stress yourself by weighing yourself daily, don’t forget your weight will fluctuate depending on the amount of water retention you have.  Keep up the walking where possible, not always easy to do as you will have good and bad days and joint pain will increase as you gain weight which makes gentle exercise all that more important.  Swimming is also great if you can cope with the smell of chlorine as your body is fully supported by the water and there is less stress on the joints.

(Photographs thanks to wikimedia)

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  1. sounds like the pregnancy is till going smoothly, im pleased to hear that. i feel for you carrying in this heat though. i carried my first in a heatwave and it was a nightmare i was forever passing out

  2. Everyone told me these – but both my bumps were high & all at the front & I had a boy then twin girls!!!

  3. Yes weight gain is normal as the fetal grows so no panic untill its not overweight. Walking a little daily helps a lot to stay good

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