Comment on Paw Patrol Trainers from MotherCare by Rhian Westbury.

Aww these trainers are absolutely adorable, I bet he’s going to get a lot of wear out of them x

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Quaglino’s Restaurant St James
It’s good that you had exceptional service, the food looks amazing. I will need to do a brunch there soon, yum.

Miraculous Unboxing
Wow they look like great toys, the phone looks really good fun and so do the action figures. x

Helping Fussy Eaters Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet
I was such a fussy kid and I’m not that much better now so my mum had to hide vegetables just to get me to eat them x

Mobile Phone Upgrade Tips
I use my phone so much that it’s important to have the latest tech and have something which works well x

Moving. Why is it so Hard?
I’ve been lucky so far and the actual moving side for me has never been stressful as I’ve been moving into flats so not full homes and usually without built furniture, but I can’t even begin to think how much stress it could be moving loads of stuff x

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