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Open Toe Sandals for Toddlers from Asda

I adore my little man.  He is super cute and has a sweet caring personality.  He is a very adventurous little man who loves to learn and have fun too.  He loves shoes and doesn’t just wear his.  He will wear any shoes he comes across including any guests shoes, his sisters, dads and mine with an enormous grin on his face.  Mr Squishy is loving his new sandals from George at Asda.  I popped in to a store looking for sandals and was relieved to find a pair at a reasonable price.  His sandals are comfortable to walk in and flexible enough for him to go on his daily adventures like discovering new toys at friends houses.


How cool does my little man look in these!




As they have velco fastenings he tries to put them on himself having a good idea of what to do by now.  Although not quite managing to put on the sandals he can take them off easily which is great.  As you can see these are pretty sturdy and will last Mr Squishy through quite a few of his fun mini adventures.

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  1. The sandals look so cute. I think the velcro fastenings is great for kids, so they can learn how to put on their shoes and it also gives them a little bit of independence.

    1. I think these are great for giving little ones more independence. Plus they look cute x

  2. Awe these sandals are so cute and so is your boy. My nephew loves he’s shoes too. He doesn’t like getting dirty lol

    1. Thanks Anosa, he is my little star, such a sweetheart. He will love these sandals they are great!

  3. I always used to have shoes like this as a kid, they were always so comfortable x

    1. They are also very cute. Little man loves these, I think they are his favourite 😉

  4. These are just so cute, my boy totally refuses to wear sandals now and will only wear trainers.

    1. That’s such a shame these are super comfy and Mr Squishy will pick them out of the shoe draw himself now 😉

  5. Those sandals look so cute and ver practical. The velcro makes them easy to fasten and also more comfortable. A must for any little lad.

    1. They are great, he loves plying with the velcro lol 😉

  6. They look great for summer. I have never thought to get my son something like this, I really should as they would be perfect for the beach and playing in the garden x

    1. They sure our. My little man goes everywhere in his.

  7. They do look like great quality and I do love the velcro x

    1. They make it so much easier for the children to try and put them on and remove them.

  8. I love the sandals. My son has a similar pair.

    1. They are very cute aren’t they 😉

  9. Your son is adorable. These look very comfortable for children, especially as they’re running up and down and when it’s warmer gives them comfort but also air for the feet xo

    1. Ahhhh thanks 😉 They seem very comfortable.

  10. shoes looks very comfy, I used to love playing with Velcro shoes as a kid

    1. Little man here loves playing with his shoes too 😉

  11. These look fab and are very practical I normally buy from Clarke’s but key look into getting cheaper ones for when we are on holiday

    1. As these are for summer use only and as kids grow so quickly I buy where I find ones that look cute 😉

  12. These are very cute and practical – perfect for playing in the garden this summer x

    1. They sure are. We are making good use of them they will be too small in no time 😉

  13. They look so comfy, velcro is a definite must for little ones shoes

    1. It really makes it easier to put them off and remove them.

  14. Ah these are so cute. My boy is seven now and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of sandals anymore. It’s crazy how quickly they become their own person!!

    1. That’s such a shame, mine loves shoes and will wear any he can get his hands on x

  15. I think those sandals are a lovely colour and they look so comfy for summer!

    1. I love these sandals on him they look super cute!

  16. Omg! His little feet are so cute! love these sandals for kids because they stay secure and don’t fall of easily!

    xoxo, Candice

    1. I know, children’s hands and feet are very cute. These are good as once thery’re on they stay on x

  17. Good shoes are so so important. Always wise to consider with kiddies

    1. They sure are which reminds me I need to get all my kiddies measured again 😉

  18. Sandals like that are the most comfortable sandals for kids I think!

    1. They are great and very comfy.

  19. I like these sandals as they look good. They look easy to put on for young ones too, with the velcro straps.

  20. Very cute pictures! These sandals look brilliant; sturdy and practical but comfortable. Great find!

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