Comment on One in Five Children DON’T KNOW That Milk Comes From Cows by Jo Carroll.

It doesn’t surprise me to be honest that a lot of children didn’t know about milk…more saddens me. Then again a fully grown man on ‘Tipping Point’ the other day didn’t have a clue who Winston Churchill was because in his words ‘he was a bit before my time’?? Great excuse for being ignorant that one.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Giveaway
I always run cold water over my wrists to cool down when it gets very hot. I don’t know if it’s an old wives’ tale for quickly cooling the blood or your core body temperature…but it works for me. x

Keeping Dads Kissably / Huggably Smooth!
Dad has always wet shaved but it’s only in the past couple of years that he’s switched over to safety blades so I don’t know what he would make of these? 😉

Monmouth Kitchen
Food very rarely looks that good…certainly makes you think twice about how you dish up at home. I might just do a ketchup smiley face for my other half’s tea tonight as a hint to take me out 😉

It’s Time To Take Your Finances Seriously
I’ve always been very careful with my pennies…I think I learnt it from my dad – shame the government (who are continually dishing out the advice) aren’t at all good with budgeting 🙁

Paw Patrol Game On!
The Pups are great fun to watch…it’s one of the few cartoons I don’t mind sitting down with my little fella to watch together and they teach some nice life lessons.

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