Comment on One in Five Children DON’T KNOW That Milk Comes From Cows by Jo Carroll.

It doesn’t surprise me to be honest that a lot of children didn’t know about milk…more saddens me. Then again a fully grown man on ‘Tipping Point’ the other day didn’t have a clue who Winston Churchill was because in his words ‘he was a bit before my time’?? Great excuse for being ignorant that one.

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I always run cold water over my wrists to cool down when it gets very hot. I don’t know if it’s an old wives’ tale for quickly cooling the blood or your core body temperature…but it works for me. x

Keeping Dads Kissably / Huggably Smooth!
Dad has always wet shaved but it’s only in the past couple of years that he’s switched over to safety blades so I don’t know what he would make of these? 😉

It’s Time To Take Your Finances Seriously
I’ve always been very careful with my pennies…I think I learnt it from my dad – shame the government (who are continually dishing out the advice) aren’t at all good with budgeting 🙁

Paw Patrol Game On!
The Pups are great fun to watch…it’s one of the few cartoons I don’t mind sitting down with my little fella to watch together and they teach some nice life lessons.

Soothing Chicken Pox
Luckily I’ve had Chicken Pox but my little fella hasn’t yet. I remember mum covering me in Calamine lotion and it seemed to really help, but I’m gonna look out for the soothing gel…thanks. x

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