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Num Noms Series 1 Sundae Sampler Review and Giveaway

Cute collectables appear to be all the rage with children these days and many parents will have already have been introduced to some by their children by now.  There is a new toy coming to the collectable scene this year and here is your chance to find out all about them and surprise your children with your expert knowledge on the subject!!!  These are taking the US by storm and are set to do the same over here so read this post then go buy some before they all fly off the shelves.  Num Noms are set to become a highly sought after collectable for ages 3+ this year but what are they?

DSC02742Num Noms are scented collectable characters that look like a scoop of ice cream with a cute face.

You can get Nums

DSC03031and Noms.

DSC03029  Nums are slightly larger than Noms and are squishy and hollow.  They can be piled up high to create a multi flavoured / scented ice cream.  Noms are smaller hard ice cream scoops that are used as a base on top of which Nums are added.  Noms can be either motorised like those pictured above with a little button on them that you can press and they move.  You can race these across the floor which my girls and Mr Squishy did for ages as it was great fun.

We topped our Noms with a Num and had them race each other.

DSC02797The Noms go into an ice cream cone or cup.  It’s great fun piling up the Nums on the Noms and seeing how many you can add before they all topple over.

DSC02798DSC02799Try switching on the Nom and this becomes even harder.  Great for creative play this pack comes with numerous aromas including chocolate, mint, lemon and orange.  The girls loved them immediately and on opening the packet entertained themselves with these for an hour before it was bedtime.

Num Noms Num Noms hit shelves at Tesco on 28th March and will also be available at all other good toy retailers.  There are over 1000 sweet scented mix and match combinations and you can buy a range of pack sizes including blind pots priced at £2.99.


The pack was easy to open and the preprovided battery in the Noms meant the girls could play the second they got the contents out of the pack which is something I appreciate as a mother.  These are not a toy that children will just discard after one use.  My girls have been playing with them over half term and introduced friends to Num Noms too.  I must also admit Mr Squish has rather taken a fancy to the Noms and mummy has been supervising his play with them.  May I add the batteries are lasting ages!!!!

Want to get your hands on some of these great collectable toys then look no further.  I have the pleasure to announce my next competition.  How good am I!

I am giving away the following to one lucky reader:

1 x Cupcake Party Deluxe Pack

Num Noms 1

2 x Mysery Pots (each Includes 1 Num, 1 lip gloss Nom, and 1 collector’s menu)

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  1. I these Num Noms sound fantastic Perfect to make my home smell delicious

    1. Your little ones will love playing with them 😉

      1. They would my neice thinks they are the bees knees

  2. Think my twin girls would love these

    1. They are great fun!

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