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It was my little girl’s birthday and look what arrived from Bandai ‘Nancy Dolls’!  You cannot imagine how excited my girls were when they saw the dolls.  These gorgeous fashion dolls look great, so much more lifelike than the sort that were around when I was little and they are also a good height for a doll standing at 42 cm tall they are very appropriate to children’s current tastes in dolls.  Not only are Nancy dolls trendy but they also come with some great accessories to make imaginative play so much more fun and feel more realistic.


First launched in 1968 the Nancy doll is the leading Fashion Doll sold in Spain and you only need to take a look at the product  range to see why.  Now they are travelling across the sea to come and make lots of new friends in England.

There are numerous pretty dolls in the range including Nancy World Adventures.  There are 4 different World Adventures dolls (Paris, Rio, London & New York City) each includes a bag, pet carrier with dog, travel documents, stickers and also a secret diary with a key!!!!

Each dolls bag has an appropriate picture, the Paris dolls bag has the Eiffel Tower, the London dolls bag has Big Ben etc. It’s great the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the design of each of these beautiful dolls.

Pictured below is the Paris doll.  Isn’t she lovely!



The dolls look great, they can stand by themselves and they are a great size for creative play as they are so much larger than conventional dolls.

The Nancy Dolphins doll looks great too.  Vet Nancy has everything she needs in the medical carry case kit to give mum and baby dolphin a check up. What’s more, Nancy has a magic tattoo that appears when you put her in water!

You can check your dolphin friends’ heartbeat with the stethoscope or give baby a feed from the milk bottle.  Vet Nancy loves spending time in the water!


The Nancy Hair Braids dolls are available with brown and also blonde hair.  Their hair looks lovely and is easy to braid with the added braider and you can create cute hair styles with this and the four cute hair bows included in the pack.



What did the girls think?

My daughters loved the dolls and sat outside playing with them for hours.  They loved the hard plastic diary that came with the World Adventure doll with the key, notepad, paper and the secret compartment with the mirror hidden inside.  They thought it was great they could braid the dolls hair and set to work creating pretty hair styles for their dolls.  The dolls may be quite large but they are not heavy and make great travel companions.


Here the lovely Vicki tells us all abut Nancy Dolls:


As it is almost their bedtime our Nancy Dolls wanted to say good bye before they go.


Before you all log off too I have one last set of dolls to introduce you too.  The Nancy Flowers dolls.  These dolls are just as pretty and stylish as the rest of the dolls in the range but with one special difference which makes them different from the rest, they’re scented!!!

There are 3 scented dolls to collect each with it’s own aroma (Rose, Violet & Jasmine) and each comes with flower accessories, jewel stickers, and glitter so you can make your doll unique and show off your super sense of style.


The Flower Dolls will be arriving in June and can’t wait to make some new friends.

Nancy Dolls are available to buy from The Entertainer, Amazon and Toys R Us and make great friends for little girls.

Disclaimer: We were sent the dolls pictured with my daughters for the purposes of the review and all views are our own.

38 thoughts on “Nancy Fashion Dolls”

  1. oo i have entered this for my 6 year old daughter,she loves her nancy doll at home,she has the hairdresser with dog she loves her.i cant find the link on your fb page though for it to omment

    1. Hi Alison, It should be there now it was shared on there once the post went live, you were super fast in entering. Good luck x

  2. These are cute, I love that they’re more lifelike than, say, Barbie – and much more realistically proportioned!

  3. I can see why they sell out in Spain, I like that they are realistic, far better toys than Barbie’s.

  4. Oh wow these are some really lovely dolls I am sure your daughter will treasure them for the longest time. Lovely giveaway too

  5. I don’t have any girls, all boys for me. But these look great for my niece.
    Fab idea for Christmas presents!

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