Mr Squishy loves to go out and have fun.  He gets super excited and simply can’t contain himself and tends to squeal and bounce about so when Aldi asked us to go on a mini adventure and take some of their 100% organic baby food with us he simply couldn’t contain himself.   He made it clear what he wanted by pointing to “outside” then helped mummy get all that was needed for him to have a nappy change (did you know Mamia nappies only cost 8.5p each!) so he was almost ready.  Come on mummy, hurry up!!!


Of course no little person can go out adventuring without a drink and snacks and Mamia have a great range starting from as little as 59p.
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With the pushchair loaded up with various things to snack on Mr Squishy was ready to go.

First stop the ducks.  He loves ducks.  Mr Squishy learnt how to say duck a little while back although it didn’t quite sound the same as when mummy said it.  She looked mortified the first time she heard him say “duck” and then burst out laughing, she laughed so much she almost cried.

Hi ducks.


Mr Squishy loves to chase the pigeons, not so much the geese as they are almost as big as him and a little scary.  Round and around the park he chased the pigeons.


Then the pigeons decided to chase him back.  He wasn’t so sure he liked that so much.


All this running around was thirsty work!

dsc03392 dsc03396

That was yummy!  Mr Squishy loves apple and blackcurrent juice.

Now for a snack.

These apple flavour Junior’s mini rice cakes will do just fine and at 69p mummy thought they were a bargain.

dsc03408 dsc03410 dsc03414

These are tasty and very moreish, maybe I’ll have another and another.


Mummy do you want one?


Mr Squishy loves hunting for animals and minibeasts.

Oh look there’s a squirrel, let’s chase it.



Ooooooo a spider having lunch.


Is it lunch time yet mummy?

I’ll have a little of this as I’m hungry again thought Mr Squishy as he reached for his Mamia Organic Mango and Apple puree pouch.


Mr Squishy had a wonderful day out and didn’t want to go back home but mummy had to go and get his big sisters from school.  He is looking forward to his next little adventure and hopes mummy gets in plenty more great snacks and drinks for him to enjoy on his travels.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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