Comment on Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins by Sandra Fortune.

Cute little backpack Ideal for little boys

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Gorgeous Day Dresses from Hobbs for Spring / Summer 2017
Loving dresses at the minute after losing a nice 2 1/2 stone . Nice selection here

Fairytale Shoes Fit For a Modern Day Princess
Love these shoes .M y daughter has recently purchased a pair of beautiful ruby slippers.- wizard of oz replica’ s to wear for her wedding in December.

Pure Potions, Natural Products for Dry Skin and Skin Conditions
I love anything from nature and these sound great to use. I have dry maturing skin and quite sensitive.

Ask for Angela #NoMore Campaign
I have myself on a date when I was young.Dragged into a car by a married man who then locked it so I couldn’t get out. It was horrifying. I screamed like mad and people came running. He’d no choice but to let me out. Police were called then but I don’t think they did much . So I’m glad to hear about these ideas and protecting young girls it’s essential . You just don’t know who’s out there.

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