Comment on Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins by tanya brannan.

What a genius idea! And the fact that is has proven such a success means it is a great idea. It is super cute yet so practical; love it!

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Welly Merck – Classic New York Watch in Rose Gold
What a fabulous looking watch. I love the rose gold style and whilst it is quite simple looking, it makes it feel very sophisticated x

Preventing Head Lice
Oh I remember the hell of head lice really well. My daughters hairs were past their bottoms and it used to take hours to check through. I am so glad that there are products that can help with this chore!

Pairfum Reed Diffuser – Innocent Vanilla
I did not have a clue about VOC’s so thank you for educating me. Also thank you for the review as I now want to get rid of my normal diffusers and buy this one instead! Xx

Bunny Jump from University Games
What a fun looking game! I love the games that enchant children and get them giggling and wanting to play more, which this looks like it does xx

The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)
Those pizzas look amazing! I love the fact that the toppings are different to all the other pizza places out there! I go to Whitechapel quite a lot so I look forward to giving these a try x

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