Comment on Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins by Stephanie.

What a great idea, my nephew has one of these as well and really loves his x

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Royal Coffee Coconut Scrub
I’ve heard so much about coffee scrubs but not have a chance to try one yet x

Soothing Chicken Pox
I remember having chicken pox as a child and would have loved anything to soothe the itches! x

Rossopomodoro Covent Garden
I’ve never been to any Rossopomodoro restaurants before but the food and drinks look fab there! x

Preventing Head Lice
I was lucky enough to never catch lice at school but I can imagine how horrible it can be x

Pinypon Tales House Playset
My niece would absolutely love this – she’s obsessed with little dolls and play houses x

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