Comment on Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins by Jo Carroll.

Lovely photos. Squishy really does love his new bag doesn’t he? I have a Bumblebee Bag for my little man and he always insists we take him with us…even if we’re in the car. x

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Keeping Dads Kissably / Huggably Smooth!
Dad has always wet shaved but it’s only in the past couple of years that he’s switched over to safety blades so I don’t know what he would make of these? 😉

Paw Patrol Game On!
The Pups are great fun to watch…it’s one of the few cartoons I don’t mind sitting down with my little fella to watch together and they teach some nice life lessons.

Soothing Chicken Pox
Luckily I’ve had Chicken Pox but my little fella hasn’t yet. I remember mum covering me in Calamine lotion and it seemed to really help, but I’m gonna look out for the soothing gel…thanks. x

Royal Coffee Coconut Scrub
That Mother Nature…she does produce the most wonderful products 😉 x

Preventing Head Lice
Great tip about the eucalyptus and tea tree oil…have to remember that one. x

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