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Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins

It’s fun getting out and about but not always so easy when you have 3 children to keep an eye on.  I am one of those mums that is a little over protective of her young.  I tend to like to hold their hands when we walk down the road although I know many others that are that bit more relaxed with their children allowing them to run along ahead and in some cases not being as watchful as you might expect.  Maybe I’m over doing it or maybe I’m not but with the world nowadays I appreciate children need to be street savvy but also am aware that people are busier and in many cases more careless when they drive.  I’ve seen cars swerve onto the road near children and noticed some drivers not paying attention as they drive, reverse etc.  I have always use reigns on my little ones, I appreciate some parents like them and others are not such big fans but I think they are great to allow little ones to have that bit more freedom (and exercise) than having to sit in a pushchair or hold mummy’s hand all the time.  Of course holding 3 hands doesn’t quite add up and so when I have all 3 with me I have mastered a way of making sure all are safe having mini man in the pushchair and the girls holding on to either side.  Mr Squishy has now thrown a spanner in the works though and has been insisting on walking a lot more which is fine but not quite so easy with the length of my reigns.  I had seen a few mums out and about with backpacks that had reigns on them and thought this to be a wonderful idea so when Babymel got in touch and asked if I wanted to review a backpack with reigns it was clearly meant to be!

Many of you will have heard of Babymel, they provide a whole range of kiddie related products from changing bags, lunch bags, bottles, backpacks and more.  We were sent a backpack for Mr Squishy to review.

The bag we were sent was the;

Mini Dinosaur Backpack with Safety Harness Reins

This is super cute and the perfect size as Mr Squishy is 2.5 and so this isn’t too large for his back.  This is suitable for ages 1 to 4 so he will get plenty of use out of it.  He loved the backpack as he finally had one of his own and didn’t need to try and steal his sisters ones anymore by grabbing them when they weren’t looking and making a run for it.  That would never turn out well for him so Mr Squishy is over the moon he now has one.  As you might imagine he was extremely eager to use it so he packed his bag with all the essentials.

The backpack is covered with cute dinosaurs and has a detachable safety harness/ reins perfect to keep me happy in the knowledge I have a good hold of my little man.  The harness is well made with a metal clip which I loved as my reigns have a plastic clip.  There is a large zipped compartment for storing all sorts of goodies from packed lunches to fun stuff.  There is an elasticated strap inside to help keep bottles secured which is handy.  Inside there is also a section where you can write the owners name inside a monster!  There is also a smaller pocket in the front of the bag perfect for tissues, hand wash and a few Wow Toys drivers.  Mr Squishy loves helping mummy by packing his bag to go out.  He is able to unzip and zip up the bag and even tries to put it on his back but still needs assistance with that but he is doing well.

Once the backpack is on he is ready to go out and can’t wait.  Sometimes he will quickly sneak in an extra toy or ten whilst mummy locks up (before the bag is on him).

This little man loves going out and about with his new backpack and loves the extra freedom it gives him.  Mummy is very pleased that it has padded straps and that they feel comfy for Squishy and also very secure so she doesn’t need to worry about the front clip or attachment to the bag opening on it’s own or breaking.  Mr Squishy has yet to discover that the cute little PVC-free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free Zip & Zoe tag attached is musical although mummy has sneakily pressed it then flipped the bag over and pretended she doesn’t know where the music is coming from lol.

My little man couldn’t be happier with this fab new backpack and loves to grab it and prepare it to encourage mummy to go out for extra walks.  It’s handy to know that when my little man is a bit older and I am somewhere I feel he will be safe I can unclip the harness and let him have a little roam around.

All purchases are covered by a 6 month warranty which is useful to be aware of and these guys have been awarded 5 stars for both their service and this product on Feefo.  This product is a recent addition to their product range but I am sure it will do well it is a great little bag for boys and girls that love dinosaurs.

Would you use a backpack with reigns for your children?

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Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.

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  1. How cute if your little boy. lol be the backpack and idea for keeping control

    1. Thanks Nat he is m little cutie. We both love the backpack.

  2. As the mommy to an active 2.5 year old, this backpack is just what I would need to feel safe while taking my son out to a public place. He would love the fun design and I love the harness that would keep him from getting lost.

    1. Mr Squishy is 2.5 so I can safely say this is ideal for your little one too.

  3. I love these! I always used reigns for my son. I just couldn’t relax without them. He is 6 now, and we are going on our first summer holiday abroad this year and I very seriously considering getting a set. Xo

    1. Same here, today I saw a little one with both it’s parents run into the road with them chasing it. I’m so pleased that I prefer to stay safe than take risks.

  4. i love this. my kids are to old now, but my nephews would be all over it.

    1. I’m sure he would this is a lovely backpack and would make a great gift.

  5. My best palx son is dinosaur mad,will defvo mengion to my mate

  6. Oh he is adorable and loves his backpack harness. Good on you for being extra safe walking on the roads.

    1. Thanks Deborah. I d love this little man to bits he is super cute. Glad to have the bag as it really does help keep him safe and also happy he can walk.

  7. Haha, love the fact you pretended you didn’t know where the music was coming from, that is definitely something I would do lol. Great idea for a bag pack that keeps them safe.

    1. Mummy is a bit naughty sometimes lol. It was hilarious!!!!

  8. These are very cute, i have seen looking for something like this for my 2 year old

    1. That’s lucky, now you know where they stock them 😉

  9. This looks like a great backpack for any dinosaur fan

    1. It sure is we love ours.

  10. Such and adorable design, I know my little nephews would just adore this 🙂 x

    1. It is such a cute backpack and makes a wonderful gift!

  11. Lovely photos. Squishy really does love his new bag doesn’t he? I have a Bumblebee Bag for my little man and he always insists we take him with us…even if we’re in the car. x

    1. Lol he sounds like he loves his bag. Mr Squishy is the same it’s a wonder he doesn’t try to take it to bed with him lol. Although to add if he did I wouldn’t allow it for safety reasons.

  12. You can never be too careful on the roads so it is great that you have this backpack safety harness!

    1. That’s very true it makes me feel so much happier that it is attached.

  13. Ahh Toby has one of the older versions of this – we adore Zip and Zoe 🙂

    1. It is a great backpack isn’t it 😉

  14. Such a fab backpack – great to keep little one’s toys while keeping them safe! 🙂

    1. It really is handy we fill it with toys when we go out to keep him entertained.

  15. This little backpack is so cute, I love Dinosaurs.

  16. Such a cool little rucksack, I bet he felt well grown up wearing it x

    1. He sure did he loves it!!!

  17. What a great idea, my nephew has one of these as well and really loves his x

    1. I’m not surprised it looks great and helps give them that bit more freedom.


  19. It look like your little one is enjoying it. What a nice backpack for kids. xx

    1. He really does love it, it’s perfect for him.

  20. What a great present! I’d absolutely of loved this – may be this would work for my niece!

    1. I am sure sh would love one. Pop onto the site to check out the range.

  21. ive not seen something like this before! it’s great to be safe too and love the smile he has on his face too 🙂

    1. Honestly this is one of the best things we’ve given him he loves playing with it and pits it on his back to go round the house.

  22. My mummy used reins on me when I was 2-3yrs old but now that I’m four I just hold her hand. These look fab though. Not enough parents use reins these days….

    1. I’ve seen loads of little ones getting away from parents and running for roads that I wouldn’t let him loose without reigns as it’s scary especially when you have other children you need to hold too.

  23. What a genius idea! And the fact that is has proven such a success means it is a great idea. It is super cute yet so practical; love it!

    1. It is super cute and my little man is over the moon with it he takes it everywhere.

  24. The little backpack is so cute and the little man looks really happy with it 🙂

    1. He sure is, he loves trying to put it on himself – it’s hilarious to watch!

  25. Cute little backpack Ideal for little boys

    1. It is really cute, I love the design.

  26. I’m loving this backpack and also the fact that it comes with the safety harness. I would have loved to have something like this when my daughter was little. He carefree spirit had her flittering around wherever we went. I was worn out just from keeping an eye on her!

    1. It is an adorable little backpack. My son loves his. It is handy having the harness.

  27. how cute, my boyfriends little boy would love this. his current back pack is looking a little worn. love the photos you’ve shared xo

    1. Sounds like he needs a new one, this would be perfect.

  28. This is so cute and the smile on squishys face is a great sign of approval, Megan hated reins she would stand and spin in circles but I got her a ladybird backpack with strap similar to this and she loved wearing it xxx

    1. This style backpack is great. Mr Squishy actually hands me the reins himself.

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