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That looks like a fun toy to buy and it’s educational too. I love the game ideas you came up with and it being bright and colorful , I’m sure it’ll capture the kids attention.

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Top Tips For Visiting Winter Wonderland with Children
Sounds like you guys had tons of fun. Lot at all those amazing things you get to experience and the memories that you made as well.

Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
Stephen King’s creations are just awesome. I’ve heard about the new IT movie being great but nothing beat a good ole original one to watch during Halloween night (or both movies if you’d like).

Helping Fussy Eaters Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet
With a little one on the way it makes me wonder if he will be a fussy eater eventually. It’s good to know we now have options like this. Will definitely keep this in mind.

Cafe Rouge Autumn 2017 Menu
Everything looks absolutely yummy and decadent! I love a good meal … and can enjoy eating out with my hubby every chance we get. The menu also mentioned Honey Parfait – which looks so appetizing. I definitely wish there’s a cafe like this nearby our home, I would so go right away.

What To Do With Old Furniture
In our family, I am the handy one. How I wish I am a lot stronger so I can haul a lot of stuff and refurbish them. I love recreating something new from something old. Totally love this idea. Gotta try to convince hubby — maybe this post will.

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