Comment on Learning Times Tables The Fun Way! by kirsty.

This is such a cute and amazing product. So clever to add interaction and fun to learning times tables. I love the idea of mixing them up in a bag and needing to get the correct times table for the answer.

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We’ve donated a lot of our old furniture recently as having a baby meant we needed more space! I love the idea of refurbishing pieces though

Weekend Box – Children’s Subscription Box
It’s a great idea for children, the fa e paint looks really good!

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This recipe looks amazing, I’ve never been an egg fan but adding in the addition of Chorizo might be better for me! I’ll have to give it a try and let you know x

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The chilli lamb looks so tasty and would be something I think I’d enjoy. I’ve not really had much Thai food but I would love to try out more of it now!

Give Your Children That Competitive Edge
I would definitely be giving Mia fruit smoothies when she’s older as it’s a great way of getting in the dive a day. I’ve never really thought about this as she’s so little but it’s interesting to read and think about x

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