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Last Minute Christmas 2016 Gifts Under £6

Stuck for stocking filler ideas and small gift ideas, well if you are OMG you’ve left it right to the last minute!  Fear not though just think of me as your Fairy Godmother as I am going to help you out with all the mini gift inspiration you will need all from one place HiHouse and best of all you can get next day delivery Monday to Friday so if you order by 2pm you will receive it the next day meaning the panic is over.  Plus as an added bonus if you spend over £20 then you get delivery for just £1.  This post will concentrate on items that are £6 and under but there is a larger range of products from gifts to household items available on the site.

For Mums, Grans and Teens

There is a lovely selection of items that can be bought as stocking fillers or small gifts whether it’s to let mummy, gran or a teen have a little pamper time, glam up for a party or relax in the bath with a gorgeous scented candle burning you will find what you need here.  The selection isn’t enormous but then in a way that works for you as it cuts the time searching through items.


The Impulse Why Not Cosmetic Bag Gift Set is a bargain at £2.99 considering it is £4.00 in Asda and Wilko.  It includes a pretty pink cosmetics bag and two sprays.

Technic Kissed Lips Set contains 3 lip crayons and 3 lip glosses so at £2.99 it is a fabulous bargain seeing as individual products normally sell for a minimum of £1 each.  The colours look great and will make for a useful gift that will be used and loved.  The lowest price I could find this elsewhere was at Fragrance Direct who have it for £3.99. This gift would also be great for mums, I know I’d love one of these.

The Eden Perfect Pamper Time gift set is idea for busy mums who are generally run off their feet.  Kids if you are reading this why not get dad or another adult to make a cup of tea for mum when she is wearing these and give her a little foot massage, she will really love that and you can score a few brownie points too.  Here it is just £5.99 although Fragrance Direct have it priced as £8.99.  I’d be getting the HiHouse website open if you still need gifts right about now.

Vintage Stocking Fillers (nail varnish) There are two available and are reasonably priced at £1.49 each.  Just to note there are currently just two colours available and there is no option to pick which you would prefer although they are both lovely colours.

Dove Pampering Moments Trio & Washbag is just £2.99 fortunately I was sitting when I saw the price and I double and triple checked it not having believed my eyes.  Even more shocking is that the lowest price I could find it elsewhere was at Wilko for £8.00.  This contains a good sized washbag, a body lotion, bodywash and deodorant.

Starlytes Candle Jar Pomegranate and Pear 18oz smells great and is a great gift as everyone loves candles.  The price is fabulous as it’s only £3.99 .  It seems to be sold out elsewhere including on Amazon where it was being sold for a whooping £14.99.

Chit Chat – Totally Crackers are a great idea for beauty fans.  Each cracker contains a beauty treat and I could quite easily substitute the old style crackers for these.  It’s a shame they don’t have them for men too.  These two crackers come at the shockingly low price of £0.99p so just short of 50p each cracker.  At that price you really can’t go wrong.  I found them over on the Prettylittlething website on offer for £3.00.  Clearly HiHouse is a site that many can’t compete with pricewise.

For Dads, Grandads and Teens


The Lynx Black Duo Gift Set is a really useful gift for any man in your life.   The duo consists of full sized products; Black Body Spray 150ml and Black Shower Gel 250ml.  These have a subtle fragrance and notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood.  Priced at £3.19 it’s fairly priced and not to expensive.  I did find this at Wilko for £2.50 as they have it on offer at the moment, the normal price was £3.25.
Dove Men +Care Daily Care Duo Gift pack contains a deodorant and shower gel ad costs £3.99.  I did find this for less at Superdrug (on offer for £2.75 normally £4.50).  Again a useful present and a great way for the men in your life to stock up on the essentials to see them through the year.
The Dove Men +Care Daily Care Wash Bag Gift Set makes a lovely inexpensive gift.  It contains the essentials that every male will find useful including face wash, post shave balm and deodorant. It costs just £5.99 and is not too expensive a gift either.  ASOS do these for £8.00.

For Little Girls


Minions Fluffy 5 Day Set comes with 5 mini shower gels.  These cute little bottles come coloured pink and purple with the cutest little labels.  It’s a lovely little stocking filler and not expensive either at £2.99.  The only place I could find this was ebay priced at £10.99, doubt anyone would be using ebay to buy this then.  These can be individually wrapped if you prefer to keep the fun lasting longer.

The Troll lip balm and topper set will prove to be very popular with little sisters and at £2.99 for 4 lip balms and a cute Princess Poppy topper you can’t go wrong.  I know both my girls would love this as would all their friends.

Minions Fluffy Unicorn Lip Gloss Selection.  Now for starters who can resist unicorns they are sooooo cute!!!!!!  Secondly one can never have too many lip balms as they are a beauty essential and you should always be prepared with one in every handbag and coat pocket.  This is great to stop little ones stealing mummies lip gloss as mummies one looks so boring in comparison plus it doesn’t come with adorable little charms like these do either!  (£2.99 for 4 lip balms).  Available from Gordons Direct for £6.99.  These too can be wrapped individually if you prefer and depending on whether you want to give a pack per child or not.

For Little Boys


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 3D 250ml fruit scented bubble bath is not only a useful gift but also a fun one as it can also double up as a toy.  It’s £4.99 and makes a great stocking filler for any turtle fan.  It is much higher elsewhere and the lowest price I found it was at Very for £9.99.

Paw Patrol 3D Bubblebath 150ml is perfect for my little man and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his gift and see’s Marshall looking back at him.  It’s just the thing for any Paw Patrol fan and costs £4.99.  Not only does it contain bubblebath but it can also be used as a toy after so it’s one of those two in one items that come in very useful.

There are also some great scented candles that are perfect to add a little fragrance to the home including this cherry scented tealights (£0.99p).  So why not pop some of these into your basket too and have your home smelling great when your guests come over.


As you can see you can find super gifts for all the family quite easily no matter what their age and at an amazing price.  You will make such a great saving on gifts that you could always buy a few extras to bulk up gifts that bit more.  So what are you waiting for get the kettle on and make yourself a tea / coffee then visit the site straight away and save yourself having to sit in traffic for ages followed by fighting through crowds to buy those last minute gifts, simply order them online and then you can squeeze in watching that great boxset you’ve been meaning to see but not had the time  Go on relax a little you’ve earnt it by making a smart shopping choice.  Let HiHouse do all the running around for you, it’s genius and a no brainer.

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Contains some product samples unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Dove sets are always great stocking stuffers, they always tend to go down well.

  2. Lots of great options for those stocking fillers here and very convenient ordering for those who may have left this bit to the very last minute.

  3. Lovely ideas and at a fab price too! 🙂 I struggle to get things under £10 at the best of times! x

  4. I can’t believe those prices, they are amazing. It just goes to show, you really do need to shop around

  5. This is super helpful Melanie, I have managed to get presents for my family but not yet for my friends and now I have an idea of what to pick.

    1. Great to here Anosa, there are so great gifts there.

  6. I love Paw Patrol! So those little gifts will be perfect for my stocking!

  7. My son would absolutely love the lip gloss collection!
    He loves to copy me & loves the Minions.

    Fabulous choices for such good money too!

  8. This is a great gift guide.I still haven’t done my shopping yet x

  9. You found some great gift ideas here! I would like any of the ladies gifts as presents 🙂

  10. What a great selection. They’re all so affordable too. I love a good candle. I bet Pomegranate and Pear smells amazing x

    1. It is a great candle. These guys have a good selection of items on the site.

  11. I’d be totally stressed out if I still had Christmas shopping to do now. Some cute gifts though x

    1. There are some lovely gift ideas here 😉

  12. What a fab selection of gifts – I still have a few gifts to get so this is great x

    1. These would work well just look at the selection I found x

  13. There’s something for everyone in this collection. They’d make great stocking fillers. Jo x

    1. They sure would and this is a nice range.

  14. Lots of great selections, Mel! I love picking up a couple of extras just before the big day.

    1. These guys have some really good bargains. Have fun shopping.

  15. Wow and the best thing is that the value is much higher than the price. What a bargain, the lipsticks look good!

    1. They do don’t they, I love the colours.

  16. A lovely range of last minute gifts here and I love that they are call under £6 bargain

    1. It does come in handy and can help you save a fair amount.

  17. Sime great gift ideas and great value too ,the delivery is cheap too.

    1. The delivery is really good. Yo can’t beat £1.

  18. I love the Dove sets, they are really good value. I may buy one for my son this year

    1. They are great value and very useful.

  19. What a really great bunch of gifts and those Chuba Chup tealights I am sure smell amazing x

    1. They are lovely items aren’t they. Yes they smell great.

  20. Some great ideas for last minute gifts and all at great prices as well x

  21. So many great ideas here! Such bargains too.

    1. There is a good selection to choose from.

  22. I love al the smaller gifts you can get for little money!! I’m hoping I’ve done enough this year, it never feels like enough though!!

    1. I know what you mean but it does help when you can get things from just one place.

  23. This is a great post for those who haven’t found anything yet. I can’t wait to open my stock pressues this year 🙂 xx

  24. Some of these would have been great for the Secret Santa at work!

    1. Hope you managed to get hold of something.

  25. Very cute gift sets. They can make everyone happy!

    1. The sure do as there is plenty to choose from.

  26. Some great ideas here, I always forget to pick up something so have to make a dash to pick up something last minute. Love that these picks are all so reasonably priced, I think my favourite has to be the lipstick – the colours are lovely! x

  27. Great selection and what a great value!

  28. There are some great gifts here. I tend to last minute shop x

  29. love the despicable me sets, im watching it right now. Love it!

    1. I love those too!

  30. Such a good collection of ideas here! Something for everyone! xo

    1. There sure is which is such a time saver.

  31. What some amazing sounding ideas I really want to try the Starlytes Candle I’ve not heard of them before but I am for trying out new ones!

    1. I take it you are a candle fan too. I hope you get to try one.

  32. Wow I can’t believe how cheap some of these products are! The Despicable Me set is so cute 🙂

    1. They do have some great items on the site.

  33. Love all of these! And they don’t look as if they were bought last minute, either, or cheap!

    1. You can find these in may other stores but at higher prices.

  34. A great article! However, if I haven’t bought it now, we’ll do without!

    1. They have some great items for gifts or additions to gifts for birthdays too.

  35. Great stocking filler ideas and gifts on a budget. Me and my wife did a challenge where we had to buy affordable gifts that used each letter in our surname as the first initial – this would have come in handy x

    1. That’s interesting although can make it much harder to find something.

  36. These look like great gifts. I can’t believe christmas is over x

    1. I know it went quickly didn’t it.

  37. Some great ideas for gifts. Will deffo keep them in mind for next Christmas as well.

    1. They did have a great selection for all year around gifts.

  38. Great gift ideas x

    1. Thanks Amy.

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