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Introducing The New PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

Who are the PJ Masks?

PJ Masks has to be one of my sons favourite shows (and mine).  Children by day Connor (Catboy), Amaya (Owlet) and Greg (Gekko) put on their pjs at night which activates their animal amulets to become superheros.  It’s one of the top children’s shows for his age group popular with girls and boys and parents too.

Of course when given the opportunity to review some of the great toys from their range including the New For Autumn Mission Control HQ Playset little man was ready to sign up and offer his services along with his sisters and friends.  He was also excited that we will be joining in with a twitter party with UK Mums TV on the 17th October from 1-3pm.  We will be discussing the new toys and there will be some great prizes for those that attend and tweet along with us.

Mission Control HQ Playset £49.99 NEW


This 3 level playset is packed with fun for little ones.  They can enjoy recreating scenes from the cartoon or create new ones. It begins as the iconic PJ Masks totem pole Headquarters as in the show and opens up revealing 3 levels.  It’s great for encouraging creative play.  This comes with both Romeo and Cat boy figures.  You can buy others separately to add to the set.

Little man enjoyed opening and closing this and playing with the various sections.  He loved catching Romeo with the secret trap door and lightning bolt cage.  He’d plan missions with the light and sounds control panel.  This plays phrases from the show!  He also loved the pole where he would send Catboy whizzing down to go save the day.  Gekko’s shield or dart machine was perfect when the HQ was under attack.

Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket £49.99 NEW

Another new addition to the collection this had little man running around on missions, pressing buttons and saving the day for hours.  The design was inspired by the show and it also features lights and sounds.  Little man loves the noises and light on this and insisted on pressing the button over and over. Thankfully it isn’t too loud.

The Rocketship’s ramp is released easily with the push of a button.  Gekko launches out on his space rover.  This comes with a Gekko figure and space rover vehicle.  In the rocket are 3 colour coded seats, one for each character.

When the rocket is ready for take off the legs can be easily folded up as can the ramp.  The handle is just the right size for little hands to fly the HQ Rocket around to save the day.

Super Moon Adventure Figure and Accessory Set £9.99 NEW

These are based on the fun new episodes of the animated show. The PJ Masks are wearing their special spacesuits and have multiple points of articulation to make the action even more immersive.  Little man of course loved these and added them quickly to his growing collection.

Speed Booster Vehicles £13.99 NEW

(Super Moon Adventure theme)

The PJMasks go “into the night to save the day”.  The seed Boosters Vehicles are super run, race them with friends and see who gets to the scene of the crime first!

 Little man loved racing the cars on our race mat.

Super Moon Adventure Space Rover and Figure Assortment £9.99 NEW

Little man loved joining Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they head to the moon to save the day!  This dynamic vehicle set includes a 7.5cm PJMasks figure, a Super Moon themed accessory and a Space Rover vehicle just like the show!  They are great fun to play what and perfect for little hands to removed and add the characters onto their vehicles.  Each sold separately.

Deluxe Figure Set £34.99

This includes all our favourite PJ Masks character.  Great for creative and interactive play for children on their own or with others. These make a perfect accompaniment to the Mission Control HQ Playset.

This contains Cat boy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl, Romeo, Night Ninja, and stackable Ninjalinos.  Each hero and villain figure stands 7.5cm tall.  They come with poseable arms and legs to help promote imaginative and interactive play!

These are all wonderful toys and would make the perfect gift for any PJ Masks fan for birthdays or Christmas.

Toys can be found at all good toy stores and Amazon and Very.co.uk

Have you discovered the PJ Masks yet?

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Disclaimer: We were sent toys for the purposes of this review. All thoughts / opinions are our own.

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  1. My son is PJ Masks mad, he’d love to see all of these on his Christmas list! I love the little speed racer cars – I know he’d love racing them across our living room (he always has to be Gecko, I get Owlette)

    1. The speed racers are super fun. My son loved them.

  2. Oh my goodness! My daughter is a massive PJ Masks fan so I’m pretty sure she will want ALL of these on her Christmas list this year.

  3. Oh wow these look super cool. you have just made buying a Christmas present for my friends little boy much easier xx

    1. Glad to have helped. There are plenty to choose from all of which are great fun!

  4. That looks like a really fun set and very colourful characters. I love the trap door, this is the type of toy my grandsons loved when they were younger.

  5. My nephew is a sucker for PJ Masks and we’ve bought him some of their toys which he loves. You son looks like he loves them too

    1. Lol, he sure does x

  6. Oh wow! My youngest would completely love these toys as she is a huge fan. Off to adjust the Christmas list!

    1. Ha, I don’t blame her. They are really lovely toys ad great fun to keep them happy for hours every day x

  7. Wow I didn’t know there were so many toys for the PJ masks. Your little one looks like he is having a lot of fun 🙂

    1. They sure do love the toys. Even the older ones get involved and play too.

  8. This looks great fun – my nephew would love it!

  9. I’ve heard my boys talk about PJ Masks, but I have to confess I had no idea who they were. These looks like some fab play sets that would make great Xmas pressies.

    1. They are perfect for Christmas gifts.

  10. oh how fabulous are they, my daughter is pj mask obsessed and loves singing to the theme tune when it comes on too!

    1. These are great aren’t they. Mine love them 🙂

  11. These look like great gifts for small kids! My kids are older now so I don’t know much about these guys. When they were small, it was Blue’s Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba so I’m out of the loop!

    1. They are really popular at the moment. My son love the cartoon and the toys.

  12. My nephew loves the PJ Masks cartoons. I didn’t realize there were so many PJ Masks themed toys. WOW! Great selection and just in time for holiday gift giving.

    1. There are loads to choose from x

  13. The grandkids love pjmask. They all have their favorites of course. They would love this toy

    1. They sure would and there is a good selection to chose from.

  14. This might be perfect for a Christmas gift for my nephew. He loves these types of characters is she is at the perfect age for him. What a great idea for a Christmas gift.

  15. My nephew would love this! It looks like he’s having so much fun with his new toys.

    1. He sure does love them. they are good fun and so well made.

  16. My kids went through a PJ Masks phase. It was their number one show for a while! They have phased out of it now and are on to Muppet Babies. Haha!

    1. They do like to jump around to different shows don’t they.

  17. Now these look like some awesome toys – I love the fact there are so many ideas coming out in the run up to Christmas as I never normally know what to buy.

    1. There are numerous great options. It can be a bit overwhelming.

  18. PJ Masks is so popular with my granddaughter’s friends. They would go nuts for these toys.

    1. They are great toys aren’t they x

  19. Oh my goodness these are the cutest things I have ever seen! Going to have to order a bunch of these new PJ masks for gifts for Christmas!

    1. They make great gifts for little ones.

  20. My youngest is obsessed with PJ Masks. She would love this!

  21. Wow, such a beautiful toy! My kids always loved to watch PJ Mask and I am sure that they will love to have this to add on their toy collections.

    1. These toys are great to go alongside the programme. My son was chuffed to bits when this came and he loves playing with it.

  22. I know PJ Masks very well. My kid loves the show, too. I am sure he will enjoy these PJ Masks play sets!

  23. These look like so much fun! I’ll be looking for the PJ Mask sets for my nephews Christmas present!

  24. I must say that this is the first time I learned about this. It’s been a while since I visited my nephews and niece, probably they know about this already.

  25. Awe, what a fun set for him to enjoy. I miss when my son was at this age, it was fun playing with him.

  26. Those are such cute toys! I haven’t seen the show, but my nephew watches it. These would make great holiday gifts!

    1. I bet he loves it. My son loves eh show and the toys x

  27. I’m thinking a lot of boys would love this! I know that I think they look pretty cozy myself!

  28. That sounds like such a cute show for kids. Those are some great-looking toys, would make great gifts too.

    1. They are perfect for gifts x

  29. PJ Masks is one of my daughter’s favorite shows! I saw so many CatBoys this year for Halloween too!

    1. Catboy is super popular, we some a few too.

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