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Hotel Transylvania 3 is out at the cinemas this summer and my children can’t wait to see it!!!  We’ve seen all the other movies and loved them!  The Hotel Transylvania movies for those that have yet to see them have all got some great characters, a fun story line and are full of humour that children and adults alike will appreciate.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Toys

To coincide with the latest of the Hotel Transylvania movies Hotel Transylvania 3 toys have arrived.  This fang-tastic toy line features the characters we know and love and also some great new ones too!  The toys available include playsets, figures and blind collectables.

There are different sets to collect including a character assortment 4 pack:

Dracs Pack

Including Drac, Mavis, Johnny and Dennis.

This contains 4 different characters from the movie and there are different 4 packs to collect.  The 4-inch poseable figures, some of which have removable and interchangeable outfits and accessories are ideal for helping children bring the characters to life.  They’re also perfect for imaginative play allowing children to act out scenes from the movie and enabling them to be creative, making up new stories with the characters.

There’s a range of playsets perfect for creative play.  Little ones will love acting out / role paying spook-tacular adventures.  Children can now bring the iconic Hotel Transylvania lobby to life, take their favourite monster family on their first outside adventure aboard the luxury monster cruise ship, visit the scream cheese cafe for dessert or take a look around Mavis’ bedroom, complete with comfy coffin and a key that unlocks a hidden collectable in a secret compartment.  The ghoulishly glam room is perfect for creepovers and it great fun for little ones.

Ghostly Goodnight Playset

This is a great playset, well made and colourful.

Mavis’ nightdress and slippers are removable so she can change into her swimming costume to go for a swim.

Little man and his sisters of course loved this playset and it’s helped keep them entertained over the summer!

The children couldn’t wait to open up the Monster Mayhem Series 1 blind packs.  These are in the shape of trunks and have a key attached at the side.  Inside these are various collectables that can be added to the children’s Hotel Transylvania 3 collection.

What Did The Kids Think?

The children all loved the toys and enjoy playing with them, making up their own storylines as they played.  The toys are really lovely and perfect for Hotel Transylvania fans helping them bring the characters to life in a fun way.

These make great gifts for little monster fans.  You will find them priced from £3.99 to £39.99 over at Amazon, Argos and Smyths Toys.

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41 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania 3 Toys”

    1. They might be a little young for this play set so if you do get one please do make sure you watch them as there are small pieces x

  1. My daughter would have a ball with those. I may have to surprise her with a couple after we check out the film together!

  2. I don’t even have kids but I really love the Hotel Transylvania series! I have yet to see the new one sadly. I might have to pick up one of these blind bags!

  3. Hotel Transylvania is actually on my list of movies to watch haha. The toys are adorable!! It looks like a really great play set. Lots of room for imaginative play!

  4. Its so awesome that these are out! My 4 year old is st the height of imaginary play and she’d have a blast with these. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These toys are a nice addition to the set and I am sure my young nephew would love them. Your kids look very happy with them.

  6. I think my kids love Ghostly Goodnight Playset. They mostly play with their toys and make them sleep so this set will be their favorite. I am happy that toys can sleep instantly!!!!!!!!!

  7. My grandchildren would love these toys. I would be more than willing to get it for them. I love to see them engage in creative play and this toy would encourage them to use their imagination to create their own stories.

  8. Cool! I am starting my Christmas shopping early and this is the perfect gift for my niece. Thanks for the review. I am going to make one 8 year old girl extremely happy this Christmas! 🙂

  9. How have we missed these! We love Hotel Transylvania and I’ve been watching the show on telly too! Look like great playsets x

  10. We took the children to see the film over the summer and they loved it. I’ll have to see which of these toys end up on their Christmas lists

  11. We haven’t watched anything to do with these characters but they look like lots of fun! I love toys that encourage them to use their imagination

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