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Getting Children Outdoors

Okay parents the weather is improving lets get those kiddies outside more.  I know in the UK the weather is changeable, one minute it’s sunny, then it’s raining and then the heavens open up big time and drop enormous hail stones on us just to keep it interesting whilst we duck for cover and wonder why we wore Summer clothes when clearly the April showers haven’t had the memo telling them that their time is up.  Putting the dismal weather aside, getting out and having fun is a great way to up that vitamin D and get a bit of fresh air and exercise too.

With the weather gradually improving Britmums and Elastoplast thought it was time to challenge bloggers myself included to write a post about turning #TearsIntoSmiles and the importance of outdoor play.

My little ones love being outside whether they are in our garden, those of relatives or even at the park and I find plenty of fun ways to keep them amused from playing games, jumping on a trampoline, looking for insects, collecting flowers, treasure hunts, climbing anything they can etc.

Of course little ones are bound to fall over and sustain a small injury or two so mummy always has a packet of Elastoplast at the ready should they be required as well as open arms for a big squishy hug and tissues to wipe away those tears.

Mums are great at turning frowns upside down by distracting their little ones with funny faces and making daft noises.  Even the girls get in on this if their little bother gets a booboo (yes I have been watching way too much Doc McStuffins).  The girls will pretend to fall over or do something silly to help turn their little brothers tears into smiles and laughter.

Little man loves our ‘magic plasters’ and immediately after mummy has put one on his ouchie he inspects it to make sure he is happy with how it has been put on.  As you can see he was impressed by out Star Wars plasters and he simply has to show everyone, then he zooms off to go and find something fun and exciting to do!

Fortunately, you have been spared a video of pictures of me in action with my silly faces and daft noises as regular readers may have noticed I am a little camera shy.  Instead you get to see pictures of my kiddies frolicking and having a wonderful time outside in the open air.

Mr Squishy being chased by geese.

It’s great to get little ones outside enjoying the freedom the outdoors has to give.  It allows for different types of play whether they are making something out of stones, mud and sticks, playing with others or playing on their own.  Playing can be educational and children can work on; communication skills, following instructions hand eye co-ordination and more. With my background in Herbal Medicine I try to teach my children about plants and how they can be used medicinally.  With any luck they will learn a little and take this with them into adult life.  Of of course it’s not just plants outside in the big out doors.  All children love bugs, why is beyond me and the scarier looking (yes spiders that means you) the better!  Having seen the Peppa Pig episode with the spider and also Trolls Mr Squishy is now a leading authority on spiders and their sizes.  Apparently every spider is a ‘big spider’ the poor little mite (see what I did there) is terrified of these eight legged insects and he can hold a whole conversation albeit very basic about them.  It’s super cute and pretty hilarious especially with his facial expressions and the fact it’s hard to understand what he is on about except where you hear the word spider after every 5 or so words.  We have a microscope set which allows us to get up close to mini beasts without having to touch them thankfully.  This really does help the little ones experience nature in a different light and learn about their surroundings which is important as some children don’t know where milk comes from nowadays.  Playing outside with siblings allows children to create great childhood memories whether they are jumping up and down in muddy puddles, making a nest with sticks, skimming stones on a lake it’s all great fun.

Warning – If you don’t like spiders look away now!!!!

Making new friends!

Elastoplast have the cutest video.  In it they literally create mini works of art from children’s tears and it is one of those videos that everyone will love.  I have included it below for anyone that would like to see it.  I challenge you not to smile!


I have been using Elastoplast products for years although not quite since 1924 which is when they first came out.  The great designs on their plasters means that my little ones will enjoy using them for many years to come.

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This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast

We were sent a garden ring toss set and 2 packs of plasters.

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  1. I love getting the kids outdoors whatever the weather! I don’t think kids go out enough

    1. I agree many children don’t go out half as much as they should.

  2. We don’t have much of a back garden due to hubby taking up the space with koi fish ponds but we have a big field over the road where theres space to run about etc and i’ve ordered some fun games to play outdoors with. Wish we had room for a trampoline xx

    1. I bet the kids love the fish and they games are a great idea.

  3. Getting children running around outside and having fun is so important.

    1. It is important and the fresh air and running around is good for them too.

  4. Any hope of getting my 16 year old outside! would be great!

    1. LOl, oh dear I don’t have teens yet. Good luck!

  5. My 3 year old Grandson loves been outside he’d rather be out than in even when it’s wet. Funny what they can find at this age that’s entertaining . Parks , walks , outdoor life especially bugs and snails & splashing in puddles . Not that I mind I can have fun with him. He’s taken me back to my childhood many moons ago lol

    1. I think most children love being outdoors when given the opportunity.

  6. Great adventures for all the family outdoors
    More fun than sitting on gadgets all day

    1. It is a far healthier activity for children.

  7. This is such a great reminder to stock up on outdoors stuff – especially first aid – thank you! I’m pleased with myself because I had suncream in already this year; that’s usually not the case and tired, overheated searches in supermarkets end up being the result!

    1. It is a great time to stock up on items for outdoor play. It’s always good to be prepared.

  8. You have a trampoline oh my god you are the coolest mum ever and how cool are those stickers to sort any ouchies out too?! It is so important to encourage children to play outside x

    1. Lol, if only. It won’t fit in our garden it’s in a relatives garden but it was bought for the little ones to play on. Thankfully mine love being outdoors as we make it fun for them.

  9. I love these ideas – though can I skip on the spiders? Haha

    1. Ha, I left them to it when they started with the spiders.

  10. Am all for outdoor activies. Now a days it seems like we shelter our children so much that we forget that it’s actually healthy to let our child run loose and become one with nature. Loving the caption on the photos of your son!

    1. It is good for them to get out and use up a bit of energy daily when possible.

  11. I like this article I think that children don’t get out and play enough these days and what’s a little rain anyway just get them kitted out in waterproofs and still go out. Kids take their queues from you they won’t bother about a few drops of rain unless you make a fuss about it.

    1. I agree if it isn’t to heavy it is generally fine to go outside and play. Add wellies and they can jump in puddles.

  12. Now that the weather is warmer, all of the neighborhood moms are having the same thought. “Everybody outside to play” There’s nothing that brightens the day more than children laughing in the sunshine!

    1. It is lovely to see them outside having fun!

  13. When my kids were growing up, I made sure they had the necessary outdoor play. They did have those crazy video games but I had put a limit on the time they were on it. Outdoor play is essential for their growth.

    1. I agree they need to have limited screen time and lots of outdoor time.

  14. My nephew loves spending time outdoors and I do too. I think the only thing we miss is that trampoline 🙂

    1. It is a good trampoline. It really tires them out lol!!!

  15. My children love playing outside we live in the countryside so it’s a lot safer around here

    1. That must be great I do love the larger open, green spaces.

  16. I’ve always used Elastoplast plasters – they are the best.

    1. I love them too and the various cartoon designs.

  17. I’d be more than happy with the star wars plasters, they’re so cool. To be honest I need to get myself out and about more as I spend too much time indoors x

    1. It will make you feel so much better Rhian x

  18. Taking kids fishing i always find is a fun day out

    1. It sounds like it would be although I’m not keen on worms lol.

  19. I love getting my kids outside during the summer. I love your trampoline! I wish we had room for one because my boys would love it! We do a lot of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, spending time in a kiddie pool, kicking a soccer ball. We also have a local playground that we go to. It is so important to get them outside in good weather! Yes on the first aid! My boys would love the Star Wars bandaids. I need to stock up!

    1. We have a teeny garden so we like to go to the park too. They also love bubbles I thin all children do 😉

  20. I love that you make an effort to introduce the kids to nature and discover and explore while they’re at it. It’s so necessary for today’s day and age.

    1. I think it is important as children know so little about the natural world nowadays which is such a shame.

  21. My tots would be falling over all the time if they received plasters like that! Very cool.

    1. Lol, mine like to change theirs often so they can work through the different designs in the pack.

  22. We go out and play every day. Get the wiggles out, get some fresh sunshine and burn that energy!

    1. The bonus side for us parents is it tires them out so they are less likely to complain at bed time.

  23. Elastoplast is a staple in our first aid box – may have to invest in some star wars ones though

    1. They are good aren’t they.

  24. I vote you the coolest mom this year you even have a trampoline that’s awesome getting kids outdoors makes them really energetic and active as well

    1. Lol, I have been meaning to join them on there just need to make sure no one with a phone or camera is nearby 😉

  25. I vote you the coolest mom this year you even have a trampoline thats so cool taking kids outdoors really helps them to be. more energetic and active as well

    1. Lol, that’s a relatives garden but the trampoline is for my little ones as we can’t fit it in ours unfortunately. It’s good to promote being active from a young age.

  26. I love this post – mine are so hard to get IN the house! They would live outdoors if they could I’m sure. We also have a pretty impressive range of plasters in our house, everyone has a favourite!

    1. Lol, it’s good to have a large plaster selection!

  27. I love getting my son outside to play! We try to get to the park once a week of we can and it’s been great having more time to spend playing in the garden! We have managed to get his basketball hoop up and he has been having hours of fun! xo

    1. That sounds great. Glad to hear he is having fun outside.

  28. How cute are the Frozen plasters… I might have to buy them for my first aid box!

    1. They are great my girls love them.

  29. great article

  30. We love being outdoors when the weather is nice we visit the beaches and local country parks, my four year old daughter loves visiting them but my 12 year old son is a different matter, he prefers his Xbox or visiting the bike ramp park with his friends.

    1. The bike park is good it means he gets fresh air and exercise.

  31. Great post and thanks for taking part on behalf of BritMums

    1. No problem Kate it was lovely to be able to take part. The mini ones and I loved the ring toss games and of course the plasters we can’t forget those 😉

  32. Kids definitely go out less these days, so these are great ways to get them out more. Trampoline – need I say anymore!

    1. I know trampolines are fabulous!!!

  33. I try to get them out as much as I can, we often go on long dog walks…..anything to reduce screen time!

    1. That’s the best thing to do. Getting fresh air is good for them and helps keep them active.

  34. kids have the best time outside with nature, and yours had so much fun!

    1. They do love to get outside and play and I love to encourage it as much as possible.

  35. It’s so great to get the kids outside, and since Elastoplast have these adorable plasters there’s no excuse to worry about an ouchie! x

    1. Lol that’s so true and children feel much better when they get a great looking plaster.

  36. Nice. I wish my kid would go out that much. Technology and lack of time from parents have made this kind of activity almost obsolete.

    1. It is hard but we lean to work around it and prioritise. They only get one childhood 😉

  37. Great post and photos! In a technology based era, children do need to be outdoors and more active.

    1. It really does make a big difference for them to get outside 😉

  38. oops…times have changed i guess from the 80’s and 90’s where kids were always outside playing and exploring
    now its all iPads even though i can understand you have to get involved…its good that more parents are getting their kids outdoors..its vital

    1. It’s so sad that so many are stuck infront of screens.

  39. I don’t have kids yet but I remember my Mum forcing me to go play outdoors with my brothers and all I would do was stand under a shade and keep checking out my dress..Guess I was more of an indoor person😂

    1. It’s a shame you didn’t have an incentive or something outside that was fun to play with.

  40. Nowadays kids are too much inside and just in front of a laptop, pad or mobile. I’m so sure they would love to be outside and experiment the nature if they’d know what to do there. Trambolin is so great – being outside, getting exercise nad having fun 🙂

    1. It is a fun way to get exercise and have fun at the same time.

  41. Children definitely​ go out less these days. It is important to take them out for fresh air, exercise and vitamin D

    1. It’s true they need to get out more than they are in many cases.

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