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Fuzzi Babies


My children really enjoy getting creative.  They love to do arts and crafts when they get a chance.  It’s a great way to keep them happy especially on rainy days and we get a fair few of those in the UK.  I know were a bit slow to the party, but, we’ve just discovered the wonders of Fuzzikins of Fuzz Babies to be precise.  These are great little toys from Interplay that are ideal to keep children entertained after school, over the weekend or over school holidays.

What are Fuzzi Babies

Let’s start with, they’re super cute!  The Fuzzi babies include 3 options at present; a hamster, lamb and monkey.  These guys are covered in small fibres via a process called flocking.  This process makes them incredibly soft to the touch just like real animals can be.  Furthermore, they can be coloured in.

Getting Started

The children ages; 4, 8 and 10 were all excited about being involved, who could blame them. They hurriedly opened their pack and took out the various contents ready to get started.

Alongside a Fuzzi baby comes a teddy, bed, stickers and 3 coloured pens so that you can use your creative juices and decorate them with a unique design and the fun doesn’t end there.

After colouring them in you can give them a wash, dry them and decorate them all over again!!!  Alternatively, if you love the design you’ve created you can always grow your own monkey family by collecting others and giving each a slightly different look.

The different sets vary the colours provided.  Collect more than one type and the options for colours for your Fuzzi Babies increase.

Check out our Fuzzi Babies video:



Win a Selection of Fuzzi Babies

How to Enter:

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  1. Love the fact you can wash and colour them all again! Sustainable toys 😁

  2. These look amazing. My 6 year old daughter would love these and would keep her amused for ages. I would love the lamb one

    1. It’s super cute isn’t it!!! 🙂

  3. Wow, these look like a lot of fun

    1. They are, my little ones all love them 🙂

  4. My granddaughter loves this kind of toy

  5. Aww..these are so cute! Perfect for my little nieces, the’d love them

  6. I’m sure that my granddaughter would have some fun with these.

  7. I’ve bought Fuzzikins puppies for my grandchildren previously and the absolutely love them. They are aged between 9 and 3 so appeal to a wide age range and not too expensive for a few hours peace.

    1. They’re great as they keep children entertained for ages.

  8. Lovely giveaway my niece would love this

  9. Looks good

  10. Wow this looks absolutely stunning my little one would love this

  11. These look great. Secretly think I’d have more fun than the children!😂

  12. These look very cute! The little bed is a nice touch

  13. These are fab, my daughter got some from the shop and loved them

  14. I didn’t realise you could wash them, great for creating lots of different designs!

  15. My niece would absolutely love one of these and I would love to help her! So creative and so cute x

  16. I love these, a chance to be creative with a cute little toy at the end of it.

    1. I totally agree, they’re a great idea!!!

  17. These would be perfect for my niece and nephews birthday presents this year. They would have to share with me naturally lol

  18. Would love to win these, my little ones would be so happy

  19. im sure my niece would have so much fun and love these they are very very cute! thanks for the giveaway

    1. Glad you love them too Amy.

  20. They look so cute, would be so fun to design and play with!

  21. Wow, my kids would have so much fun with these!

  22. my daughter would love this, its great they can be used over and over

    1. I think that is a really good selling point for parents.

  23. looks fab the kids would be over the moon

  24. fab giveaway, would have loved to have toys like this when i was little! x

  25. Oh I love these! They would be perfect for my niece.

  26. This is a really brilliant giveaway. The toys look so entertaining and fun for kids to play with. My kids would love to win these toys. It’s a really great way to get children away from their devices and get them to be creative and do some arts and crafts.

  27. Great idea to keep the kids quiet on a rainy day.

  28. Looks like a nice treat for anyone who loves colouring and imaginative play.

  29. These are adorable! I have six little ones that would love these!

  30. My daughter would love these. Perfect as they are cute and involve art.

  31. This is a great giveaway i know my niece would be very happy if i was to win this prize.

  32. They are just so cute I know my daughters would love them! Fingers crossed

  33. These look adorable and such fun . Would help keep my daughter entertained and busy!

    1. They are really cute!

  34. These look super cute! My nieces would adore these

  35. My granddaughter would love Fuzzi babies!

  36. These look great. Would,be great imaginative play for my little girl xx

  37. My daughter would love these. Really nice fun toy.

  38. I think my 8 & 4 year olds would love this!

  39. Oh wow, these are super cute and great fun, thank you for the chance

  40. Looks fun for a family holiday in the wilds of Scotland were modern gadgets will not work to keep the kids happy.

  41. So cute and the finished creations look great! It’s fantastic that they come with a little bed to help encourage pretend-play.

  42. I have cousins kids coming to visit and interested to see the older ones enjoying this too. I enjoyed crafts when I was 9 -10 but my own daughter is just not interested. I may actually get some myself

    1. These are really good fun and there is no reason why adults can’t use them too 🙂

  43. These are so cute! I think my little and big girls would both love these!

    1. They are very cute little toys.

  44. These are so cute and look like a lot of fun! x

  45. these look great think my daughter is a bit too young but deffo something she would love when older

  46. These look fab! My son would love one! And also they would make great gifts!

  47. My kids would love these. Even my son, who “hates anything slightly girly”. I love the fact that they can be washed and re coloured in . The beds look really simple to make. Great to keep the kids happy and entertained whilst I get on with a few chores.

  48. These are so cute and I love the little bed

  49. wow these would certainly keep the kids busy over the summer hols.

  50. These look so sweet, I’m sure my niece would love to have these.

  51. These look really cute, and I know my daughter would really love them! Your blog is amazing, keep it up!

  52. These are so cute, my nieces would love them,

  53. id love this for my nephew. he loves stuff like this

  54. It looks like a lot of fun, one to keep the rainy days .

  55. Aaaw! The children look so bonny! Super fun toy, too.

  56. I like that you can wash them and used them again and again.

  57. The grandkids would have hours and hours of fun messing around with these.

  58. wow these looks like lots of fun my sons would love them

  59. My daughter has had the sheep one for a while and loves it. Thanks for the chance

  60. How fantastic and creative toys. My artistic daughters would love this

  61. I like that they come blank and you can decorate them however you want.

  62. I like that you can colour them, then wash them and start all over again. my granddaughter would love this

  63. ah so cute, would love this for my great nephew, a great gift from his GREAT aunty

  64. i do love that they can be reused over and over

    1. Me too, it’s great!

  65. Great prize. An art and craft activity, can be personalised, unique. Whilst also a toy for future use for the children, which they are likely to treasure, as their own art and craft work / design.

    1. They can be as creative as they want which they love 🙂

  66. They are super cute! the monkey is my fav

  67. Think these will cheer my daughter up no end and love that you can wash them! Thankyou for this chance x

  68. would love to win one of these creative beauties for my stepdaughter

  69. They are so cute my daughter would love them

  70. Really like that you can colour these in and customise them. Thanks for running this comp.

  71. Oh so cute. My daughter would be so in love with these, especially because they have their own little beds 🙂

  72. Great review! I’ve not seen these before but will try and pick some up for my niece

  73. These are so cute and something my Goddaughter would just adore.

  74. These look good – I love the way you can personalise them yourself and it includes some craft and then you can play with them after. Also good there are more to collect.

    1. The fact that they can be reused is great too. Hours of fun for the kiddies.

  75. Great Idea!

  76. Oh my goodness! The cuteness of these is off the charts! I love them!

  77. Fuzzi Babies really cool I like the pens that come with it.

  78. Great idea, let them scribble on the toys rather than my face!

  79. These are fantastic…lots of fun for the kids

  80. oh wow i know my 4 year old grand daughter would be mad for these, she loves animals colouring and anything containing stickers and she just loves crafty things in general. and the fact you can use them more than once is definatly a good thing i know my grand daughter would have lots of fun with these. thanks for the chance at a fab giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters and fingers crossed for me id love to be a winner.

  81. these would be perfect for the children attending our wedding.

  82. these are so cute. my daughter would love personalising them

  83. fun toys 🙂

  84. My son would love these. He loves little animals and he lovees colouring

  85. So cute – wish these had been around when I was a little girl x

  86. Such a cute prize, my niece would adore them.

  87. these would make a good present for my great niece ruby may–who ive yet to meet

  88. These look great fun, my daughter would treally enjoy them

  89. I would love to win this for my daughters birthday coming up

  90. I would love to win for my daughters birthday coming up

  91. These are great. We love creative activities – so lovely that you can wash these and colour them again

  92. These look really cute. I know my little girl would love them. I particularly like the fact you can personalise them

  93. I think these are brilliant! It’s great that they can be reused aswell xx

  94. Love how cute and fun these are, so useful being reusable. My grandaughters would love them!

  95. This isn’t a fab prize and would be perfect for my Daughters

  96. What a great idea! They can be personalised by each child leading to a great craft project and a fun toy!

  97. My kids love drawing and cuddling and would love these.

  98. These are super cute, love the fact you can wash them and start all over again

  99. I love the fun children can have & a reusable toy absolutely ideal for craft time what my grandchildren love

  100. They like great x

  101. My daughter’s would love these, they love little cute collectibles and arts & crafts and these combine them both!

  102. Fantastic giveaway! I would love to win this for my daughter.

  103. These are so cut my little grandson loves painting things like this thanks for the chance to win

  104. These look great especially with summer holidays looming over closer

  105. These are gorgeous and how wonderful to be so individual.

  106. These are a great idea, cute & creative!

  107. My granddaughters would love these little cuties

  108. I love that they are reusable x

  109. So cute and so unusual! Ideal for keeping the children amused and busy on a rainy day

  110. thanks for the chance they are so cute and love the fact that the kids can use them over and over again x

  111. Very sweet my daughter would love these , she loves cute toys

  112. Thanks for the great prize and competition – my friends daughter would love this.

  113. My Daughter would absolutely adore these. Great prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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