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For the Love of Dresses

My little girls have taken after me.  Just like mummy they love to wear dresses so when I went to do a shop in the West End and saw these gorgeous Yumi Girl dresses in House of Fraser I knew they would love them.  At first I did consider getting them the same dress in the same colour until I discovered that it also came in white too, how exciting.  Knowing the girls would be over the moon to have them I quickly found their sizes and purchased them without a  second thought.  By the way they were on sale, which was great as I had more shopping to do.

As predicted the girls loved their dresses and here they are wearing them.

They were very excited about the prospect of a photo shoot for the blog and had great fun posing for the camera.






Here is a closer look at the pattern:


These dresses are perfect for day wear, parties and other occasions.

How you shopped from House of Fraser recently?

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  1. Look at those cute girls! The dresses are nice. I can’t figure out what colour I prefer, they’re both really nice 🙂


    1. They are both pretty dresses I probably should have bought them both one of each.

  2. Love the dresses, the red one fabric look very much like the one I talk on my blog. Very cute. xx

    1. Thanks Anna 😉

  3. The girls look beautiful and the patent shoes look great too. I don’t shop at HOF much as we don’t have one in Chester.

    1. That’s a shame, you can also order online x

  4. Such lovely dresses – the pattern is so pretty X

    1. These are gorgeous dresses, we love the range available.

  5. They both look gorgeous in red and white dresses. The shoes add up with the look! 🙂

    1. They are great colours and we loved the style.

  6. I love the detailing on both dresses and the red one is very striking x

    1. It does stand out, red is a lovely colour.

  7. They look lovely, fab dresses and colours x

    1. We loved them too 😉

  8. I loved wearing dresses when I was younger, and still do 🙂 they can look far better than a simple pair of jeans and a top!

    1. I agree they are much prettier and look much more feminine.

  9. I love the dresses! The girls look beautiful in them! That white one would be perfect for events like a wedding or a christening!

    1. Thanks Kira they are lovely dresses I’m so glad I found them on my shopping trip.

  10. Oh how gorgeous!! I’ve got to admit I’ve never bought anything in House of Fraiser!

    1. They have some lovely items in there.

  11. These are lovely dresses, I love lace for me and my daughter 🙂 My little girl takes after me too, she loves dresses, shoes and polka dots just like her mum 🙂

    1. That’s sweet that you have the same taste.

  12. Beautiful shots and even more beautiful girls. My 5yo is only just now allowing us to dress her in dresses – we have had 12 months of constant jeans which has made me so sad.

    1. Thanks Helen. It’s a phase my friends daughter went through the same. They eventually come around x

  13. They are such cuties! The dresses are gorgeous! Love the style and colours.

    1. They are lovely aren’t they x

  14. I haven’t been in a House of Fraser in SO long! I really must go and have a look, I always managed to find what I wanted in there! H x

    1. They have a lovely range in there.

  15. I’ve not been to house of Fraser for ages! These dresses are lovely, I need to get more dresses for my daughters 🙂

    1. They have loads of lovely ones there.

  16. The dresses are really lovely, and they look beautiful on your gorgeous daughters!

    1. Thanks Sally, they love their dresses.

  17. Those dresses are so pretty, kids have so much choice these days.

    1. They do have a great choice now days.

  18. Aww they both look so pretty and what gorgeous dresses they are as well x

    1. Thanks Sarah, they were very excited about modelling for me.

  19. I like the Yumi Girl brand I got quite a lot of my little cousins clothes from them. Your girls look beautiful x

    1. They do have some lovely dresses. Thanks so much, they are great kids.

  20. Gorgeous dresses and gorgeous girls, glad they loved them.

    1. Thanks so much Laura.

  21. Those dresses are so gorgeous! House of Fraser has beautiful dresses!

    1. They do don’t they I may need to take another look for more.

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